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By including organic flower seeds in our catalog, we are very pleased to provide yet more variety and diversity to our already extensive seed selection. All of these varieties are certified organic according to the USDA National Organic Program standards, and have been carefully chosen with our customers' gardening enjoyment and success in mind.

Opopeo organic amaranthus seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN00021

OPOPEO Organic Amaranthus Seeds

Amaranthus hybridus, (OP) 62 days

Showy spikes of rich red flowers for cutting or garden color. Dramatic, edible bronze foliage on tall, 6-6.5 foot plants. Named for the city in Mexico where this plant originated.

½ Gram: $2.49 QTY:
Kaleidescope Mix organic nasturtium seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN09451

KALEIDESCOPE MIX Organic Nasturtium Seeds

Tropaeolum majus

Swirled bicolor flowers are included in this traditional mix of red, orange, and yellow, long-spurred, trumpet-shaped flowers. Compact, 16 inch plants are nice as a border, or mounding over containers. Flowers and young leaves add delicious peppery taste to salads. Easy to grow, often self-sows. One of the best annual flowers to provide color during mild weather.

25 Seeds: $3.49 QTY:
Mammoth Russian organic sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN00457

MAMMOTH RUSSIAN Organic Sunflower Seeds

Huge bright yellow 12-inch flowers and seed heads on heavy 10-foot stalks. A dramatic ornamental edible that is good for screening and/or edible seed production.

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Zohar organic sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN09510

ZOHAR Organic Sunflower Seeds

Helianthus annuus, (OP) 40-50 days

Improved version of 'Jerusalum Gold,' this pollen-less F1 hybrid, single-flowered sunflower produces 4-6 inch blooms with deep orange-yellow petals and dark brown centers, held on 3-4 foot stems. Long-lasting in fresh bouquets.

20 Seeds: $3.49 QTY: