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Golden Acre organic cabbage seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG00335

GOLDEN ACRE Cabbage Seeds

Brassica oleracea, (OP) 62 days

Organically Grown

A popular variety since the 1920’s, Golden Acre produces early, bearing 3 to 4 pound, perfectly round light green heads with creamy yellow centers. The small-veined leaves are tender, sweet and tightly packed. A great green cabbage for the home garden, because it can be planted closer together, producing well when spaced just 2 feet apart.

50 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Red Express organic cabbage seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG09086

RED EXPRESS Cabbage Seeds

(OP) 60 days

Organically Grown

This compact, uniform, colorful cabbage produces bright reddish purple, 2-4 pound heads that are great for the small garden, and mature in a much shorter time than most cabbages. Ideal for cole slaw and sauerkraut, its flavor is as outstanding as its color.

1 Gram: $2.99 QTY: