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Negovia organic carrot seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG09812

NEGOVIA HYBRID Organic Carrot Seeds

(OP) 69 days

This Nantes-type produces sweet, crunchy, uniform 7 to 8 inch bright orange roots with semi-rounded tips. They store well, and their tops stay upright for easy harvesting. Carrots are always a big hit with kids as an instant snack in the garden, just wash and crunch away!

250 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:

How to Plant Organic Carrot Seeds

Plant at 3-week intervals throughout the spring and summer and up to 2.5 months before the first hard fall frost. Make sure carrot planting beds are free of rocks and clumps of soil as they will retard growth or cause roots to split. Sow in furrows about 3 per inch and thin to 3-inches apart.

Daucus carota illustration, circa 1922 marks the end of the how to plant carrot seeds section.