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California Wonder organic pepper seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds
New for 2014

CALIFORNIA WONDER Organic Pepper Seeds

Capsicum annuum

(OP) 75 days

A 1928 introduction, California Wonder has the largest fruit of any open-pollinated bell pepper, maturing to 5 inches long and nearly as wide. Thick-walled and juicy, with a large cavity perfect for stuffing. Harvest when green, or wait until ripened to crimson red for a sweeter flavor. Sturdy, disease-resistant plants grow 28 to 30 inches tall, thriving in a wide range of climates.

¼ Gram: $1.99 QTY:
Numex Joe E. Parker Anaheim Chile organic hot pepper seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00353


Capsicum annuum

(OP) 65 days

This may be the best all-around mild chile. Tapered 6-7 inch fruits have thick, flavorful flesh which is delicious eaten fresh, or in salsa or fajitas. Very high yielding. An improved version of Numex 6-4.

30 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:
Early Jalapeño organic pepper seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09810

EARLY JALAPENO Organic Pepper Seeds

Capsicum annuum

(OP) 60 days green, 80 days red

Compact, 2 foot plants set fruit in relatively cool conditions, making them a good choice for cold climates or earlier crops. Moderately spicy, 2 to 3 inch peppers with thick walls are great for eating fresh, grilling, or making salsa.

25 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:
Round of Hungary organic pepper seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG00174

ROUND OF HUNGARY Organic Pepper Seeds

(OP) 55 days

Also known as a 'pimento cheese pepper', these ribbed, flattened fruits have very thick flesh and are extremely sweet. We like them in salads, and they also make tasty, striking, stuffed peppers.

10 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Yankee organic pepper seeds - Garden Seeds - Organic Vegetable Seeds VG00150

YANKEE Organic Bell Pepper Seeds

(OP) 80 Days

Sturdy, 2 foot plants produce 6 to 10 medium-sized, lobed peppers per plant. These bells can be harvested when green, or leave them on the plant until red. Compared with other open pollinated varieties, Yankee has superior quality, and more uniform shape and size.

15 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
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How to Plant Organic Pepper Seeds

Start indoors in cell packs or flats, 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost. At 70-90° F., germination is in 8-25 days. When the soil has warmed to at least 60° F., transplant into the garden 18-24 inches apart.

Yellow, Orange, and Green Bell Peppers.