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New Seeds for 2016
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Zea mays

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Earth Tones Dent ornamental corn seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG11108

EARTH TONES DENT Ornamental Corn Seeds 90 days

Organically grown. Fantastic reselection of heirloom Indian dent corn. Beautiful 8-10 inch ears carry kernels in soft shades of blue, gold, orange, bronze, mauve pink, red, green, and brown. Ears make showy table centerpieces, are splendid fall decorations, can be ground into flour, or hung from posts or trees to provide food for birds. Packet is ½ ounce, about 50 seeds.

½ Ounce - $2.49

How to Plant ORNAMENTAL CORN Seeds

Direct sow 5-6 seeds per foot, about 1-2 inches deep in rows 3 feet apart. If birds present a problem, sow in cell packs and transplant into the garden, 1 foot apart.