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Solanum melongena

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Eggplants are beautiful, 1.5-3 foot bushes with 1-2 inch violet flowers and showy purple, lavender, green or white fruit. Superb in containers. Start seeds indoors about 2 months before the soil warms in your area. Plant 2-3 feet apart. Begin harvesting when fruits are about half their full size.

Amethyst Patio eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG01202


65 days

Flavorful, sweet and mild, brilliant deep purple, 3 ounce oval fruits on well-branched 2 foot plants. Silver foliage and purple flowers add to Amethyst's appeal, plants are attractive well before the fruit matures. Superb in containers, or the vegetable garden.

10 Seeds: $3.99 QTY:
Pinstripe Patio eggplant seeds 2 - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG01203

PINSTRIPE Patio Eggplant Seeds

65-70 days

Produces attractive, oval, purple fruits striped in cream, over a very long season. Pinstripe eggplants may be harvested at the "baby" stage, when they can be eaten whole, or allowed to fully mature to 4 ounces or more. Plants are branching and compact, with appealing silver-green foliage. Grows to 18 inches tall in containers, to 2 feet tall when planted in the vegetable garden.

10 Seeds: $3.99 QTY:
Emerald Isle Patio  eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds. VG01251

EMERALD ISLE Patio Eggplant Seeds

58-62 days

Produces heavy crops of oval, pastel green, 2 ounce fruits veined in deep green. Plants grow to 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide, and are a great choice for containers, or the vegetable garden. Emerald Isle provides a colorful alternative to purple eggplants, and are especially tasty when added to Asian dishes.

10 Seeds: $3.99 QTY:
Pot Black Patio eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds. VG01252

POT BLACK Patio Eggplant Seeds

65-70 days

High yielding, vigorous, compact, 2 foot tall plants produce dark purple 3 ounce fruits over a very long season. Fruit can be harvested young for use as baby vegetables. Tolerates early season cool weather far better than most eggplants. An excellent performer for containers or the vegetable garden.

10 Seeds: $3.99 QTY:
Ivory Patio eggplant seeds - GardenSeeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09040

IVORY PATIO Eggplant Seeds

Forms compact, well-branched 18-24 inch tall plants which freely produce delicious, beautiful, white oval 3-5 inch fruits. An outstanding performer in containers or the garden.

10 Seeds: $3.99 QTY:
Calliope eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09035

CALLIOPE Eggplant Seeds

Oval, purple and cream-streaked, 3-4 inch bitter-free fruits. The 2-3 foot plants are extremely productive, even in Northern climates.

25 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Clara eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds VG09036

CLARA Eggplant Seeds

65 days

Large, white Italian eggplants grow up to 6-7 inches long. Heavy bearing and early ripening.

25 Seeds: $2.99 QTY:
Japanese Millionaire, Vegetable Garden Seeds VG09801


70 days

Sweet and mild, brilliant black slender fruits are nearly seedless and will grow to 8 inches or more long. The fabulous flavor of 'Japanese Millionaire' make them the perfect eggplant to stir-fry.

30 Seeds: $2.49 QTY:
500 Seeds: $6.99 QTY:
Black Beauty eggplant seeds - Garden Seeds - Vegetable Seeds

VG09028 BLACK BEAUTY Eggplant Seeds

(OP) 80 days

Bushy, spreading, 24-30 inch tall plants with 4-6 inch oval, purple-skinned fruits. High quality with a fine flavor. Yields well even in the north over a long season. Packet is 250 seeds.

250 Seeds: $1.99 QTY:

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How to Plant EGGPLANT Seeds

Sow Eggplant seed in cell packs or flats 8 weeks prior to planting out in the garden. Try to keep temperature between 80-90° F. Will not germinate in cool soil. Transplant into the garden 18-24 inches apart.

Gigantic Purple Eggplant circa 1708.