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Solanum melongena

 How to plant Eggplant seeds 

Eggplants are beautiful, 1.5-3 foot bushes with 1-2 inch violet flowers and showy purple, lavender, green or white fruit. Superb in containers. Start seeds indoors about 2 months before the soil warms in your area. Plant 2-3 feet apart. Begin harvesting when fruits are about half their full size.

Ivory Patio eggplant VG09040

IVORY PATIO Eggplant Seeds

Forms compact, well-branched 18-24 inch tall plants which freely produce delicious, beautiful, white oval 3-5 inch fruits. An outstanding performer in containers or the garden.

10 seeds - $3.99
Japanese Millionaire eggplants VG09801

JAPANESE MILLIONAIRE Eggplant Seeds 70 days

Sweet and mild, brilliant black slender fruits are nearly seedless and will grow to 8 inches or more long. The fabulous flavor of Japanese Millionaire make them the perfect eggplant to stir-fry.

30 seeds - $2.49
Rosa Bianca organic eggplant VG00351

ROSA BIANCA Eggplant Seeds (OP) 75 to 80 days

Organically grown. Four to six inch truly egg-shaped fruits have a delicate, mild flavor and are beautifully airbrushed in rosy purple with white accents. Great for Italian and Mediterranean recipes.

40 seeds - $1.99
Rosa Bianca organic eggplant VG00352

LONG PURPLE Eggplant Seeds (OP) 80 days

Organically grown. Long Purple is a prolific Italian heirloom eggplant from the 1870s, with especially tender skin, few seeds and long, slender shape. Best harvested when fruits are 8 to 10 inches long.

50 seeds - $1.99
Calliope eggplant VG09035

CALLIOPE Eggplant Seeds

Oval, purple and cream-streaked, 3-4 inch bitter-free fruits. The 2-3 foot plants are extremely productive, even in Northern climates.

20 seeds - $2.99
Black Beauty eggplant VG09028

BLACK BEAUTY Eggplant Seeds (OP) 80 days

Bushy, spreading, 24-30 inch tall plants with 4-6 inch oval, purple-skinned fruits. High quality with a fine flavor. Yields well even in the north over a long season. Packet is 250 seeds.

250 seeds - $1.99
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How to Plant Eggplant Seeds

Sow Eggplant seed in cell packs or flats 8 weeks prior to planting out in the garden. Try to keep temperature between 80-90°F. Will not germinate in cool soil. Transplant into the garden 18-24 inches apart.