Lady's Glove

Digitalis purpurea, D. ferruginea, D. grandiflora, D. lanata, D. x fulva syn. D. mertonensis, D. obscura, D. parviflora, D. thapsi, D. interspecific hybrids

How to plant Foxglove seeds

Foxgloves are easy to grow, vertical accents for part sun, or dappled shade. Bloom begins in late spring, or early summer. Flowers attract hummingbirds galore with magnificent spires of tubular flowers. Once main flower spike is cut, side shoots develop and bloom until September.

POLKADOT HYBRID Foxglove Seeds Digitalis interspecific hybrids

Polkadot Hybrids is a true perennial foxglove series, long lived and super long flowering! Plants produce extra-large, richly-colored flowers evenly spaced and tightly packed on 3.5 ft. long stems. Flowers are subtlety speckled with white dots. Because flowers do not set seed, individual blooms can hold for many weeks, extending the season of flowers.

Polkadot Foxgloves begin blooming in spring, and continue to flower into the fall. The uniform, well-branched plants grow to 40 in. tall. Polkadot Hybrids foxgloves live for many years. Winter hardy to zone 4.

Foxglove Polka Dot Polly Hybrid - Digitalis interspecific hybrids PR01287


Polkadot Polly foxgloves carry large and gorgeous, deep pink-apricot flowers on long, 36-42 in. spikes. Bloom is over a very long season: late spring into autumn. Plants are long-lived, true perennials, which grow to 3½ ft tall. Winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

Foxglove Polka Dot Petra Hybrid - Digitalis interspecific hybrids
Foxglove Polka Dot Petra Hybrid Polka Dot Petra Hybrid foxglove


ß Polkadot Petra was named for its soft-rose flowers. Each tubular flower opens to reveal a creamy white interior with mahogany speckles. These blooms are said to bring to mind the rose-colored sandstone into which was carved the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan. Polkadot Petra Hybrid foxglove is a particularly beautiful, long-flowering, true perennial foxglove. Winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

DALMATIAN HYBRID Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Dalmatian Hybrids are the fastest foxgloves from seed to flowers! These compact and well-branched, 2-3 ft. tall plants bloom in under 4 months from seed! Dalmatian foxgloves produce reliable first year flowers. Blooms completely encircle their stems with evenly spaced, relatively upward facing bells. Remove old flower spikes the first season and plants will bloom heavily again the following year. Dalmatian Hybrids foxgloves are superb container plants and will perform beautifully even in small pots. In the garden use in mixed borders, or mass plants along paths or fences. Winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

Foxglove Dalmatian Peach - Digitalis purpurea PR01290


Gorgeous creamy-peach trumpet-shaped flowers on fast-blooming, 24-36 in. tall plants. Dalmatian Peach foxgloves bloom reliably the first year, in under 4 months from seed. Winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Dalmatian White - Digitalis purpurea PR01285


Dalmatian White foxgloves carry white tubular flowers, with intense maroon interiors. Bloom is fast: in under 4 months from seed. For the shaded border, or containers (even small containers) the performance of Dalmatian White foxgloves is hard to beat. The 24-36 inch plants are winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $ 2.99

Foxglove Dalmatian Creme - Digitalis purpurea PR01291


Dalmatian Creme foxgloves produce impressive 2-3 ft. spikes of cream-colored bells with interiors freckled purple. Seed to bloom is super fast: in under 4 months. Remove old flowers, and plants flower again the following season. Performance is superb in the garden, or in containers. Winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Dalmatian Rose - Digitalis purpurea PR01284

DALMAT­IAN ROSE Foxglove Seeds

The tubular flowers of Dalmatian Rose foxgloves are a freckled creamy rose-pink. Blooms the first year: within 4 months of sowing. Plants grow to 2-3 ft. tall, are winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Dalmatian Purple - Digitalis purpurea PR01279


Dalmatian Purple foxglove carries deep lavender-purple flowers, with attractive maroon and white throats. Plants bloom within 4 months from seed, about 1 week earlier than other foxgloves in the Dalmatian series. When old flowers are removed, plants bloom again the following season.

Dalmatian Purple foxglove grows 2-3 ft. tall, is a top performer in the garden, in containers, and will even thrive in small pots. Dalmatian Purple foxglove is a winner of the Fleuroselect Approved Novelty award. Winter hardy to zone 5. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99

CAMELOT HYBRID Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Camelot were the first F1 hybrid foxgloves available to the home gardener. Plants produce magnificent spikes of huge speckled flowers in rose, cream, lavender, or white, the very first year. Vigorous, well-branched plants grow to 42-48 in. tall and 24-30 in. wide. Winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

Foxglove Camelot Mix - Digitalis purpurea PR05034

CAMELOT MIX Foxglove Seeds

Camelot Mix foxgloves are a formula mix of huge rose, cream, lavender, and white flowers. Plants are vigorous, produce magnificent, extra-long flower spikes the first season. Winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

Foxglove Camelot Lavender - Digitalis purpurea PR05143


Enormous speckled lavender flowers the first year from seed. The vigorous growing plants reach up to 4 ft. tall, and are winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

Foxglove Camelot Rose - Digitalis purpurea PR05001

CAMELOT ROSE Foxglove Seeds

Extra-large speckled, rose colored flowers arranged on long, showy 3½-4 ft. spikes. Camelot Rose foxgloves are vigorous, bloom the first year, and are winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

Foxglove Camelot White - Digitalis purpurea PR05144

CAMELOT WHITE Foxglove Seeds

Camelot White foxgloves flower the first year, produce enormous white bells set on long, showy spikes. Plants are vigorous growers, up to 42-48 in. tall. Winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is pelleted for easy and efficient sowing.

25 pelleted seeds - $3.99

Individual Foxglove Varieties

Foxglove Monstrosa - Digitalis purpurea New for 2018 PR18157

MONSTROSA Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Monstrosa foxglove produces 4-5 ft. tall flower spikes in shades of pink, purple, white, and cream. Each spike is topped with an amazing extra-large, bowl-shaped bloom. Also known as the Gloxinia foxglove, plants are biennials or short-lived perennials and are winter hardy to zone 4.

250 seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Apricot Beauty - Digitalis purpurea PR00853

APRICOT BEAUTY Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Apricot Beauty is known by magnificent, long spikes of pastel apricot-pink flowers. Plants grow to 4 ft. tall, are biennials or a short-lived perennials. Winter hardy to zone 4. Grow Apricot Beauty foxgloves with Turkish Wild hollyhocks, and shasta daisies. Packet is ¼ gram, about 2,500 seeds.

¼ gram - $2.49

Foxglove Excelsior Hybrids - Digitalis purpurea PR00855

EXCEL­SIOR HYBRIDS Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Excelsior Hybrids could be the most dramatic of all foxgloves. Flowers completely circle stems, are held horizontally to best show beautiful interior spotting. Excelsior Hybrids foxgloves grow up to 5 ft. tall, are winter hardy to zone 4.

1,000 seeds - $ 2.49

Foxglove Strawberry - Digitalis purpurea PR00851

STRAW­BERRY Foxglove Seeds Digitalis x fulva syn. D. x mertonensis

Strawberry foxglove is a perennial, the result of an early 19th century cross of Digitalis grandiflora and Digitalis purpurea. Plants are covered in 2-3 ft. spikes of large, tubular, copper-rose flowers in late spring and early summer. Hummingbirds find these flowers irresistible.

The handsome deep green leaves are large, dense, and heavily textured. Foliage is evergreen, and will remain attractive all year. Compared to other foxgloves, Strawberry foxglove leaves are more sun tolerant, less susceptible to leaf spot and powdery mildew, more resistant to sucking and chewing pests, and by far hold more appeal.

Strawberry foxglove growth is compact, and never weedy. Uncommonly elegant, plants are particularly fine additions to the more tailored plantings, found near entryways or patios, where close up viewing is the norm. Your guests will praise your Strawberry foxgloves, even those previously immune to the charms of your garden.

To grow Strawberry foxglove to perfection, provide rich, moist soil and afternoon shade. Strawberry foxglove will accept more sun (even full sun in milder areas), and less water than most foxgloves, and can perform admirably under less than optimal conditions. Grow plants in groups of 3 or 5, to create highest visual impact.

Plants are winter hardy to zone 4. Strawberry foxglove grows beautifully with Red Hobbit columbine.

300 seeds - $3.49

Foxglove Yellow Spear - Digitalis purpurea New for 2018 PR18109

YELLOW SPEAR Foxglove Seeds

Yellow Spear foxglove is a European heirloom with uniquely colored flowers. Plants produce impressive, 3 to 4 foot spires densely arranged with light chartreuse to primrose yellow bells with subtle inner freckles. Bloom is in May, June and July. Biennial.

1,000 seeds - $2.99

Plantoons PR01288

PANTALOONS Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Split'

A completely-new flower shape, Pantaloons is the first 'split-flower' foxglove. The large white blooms split up the sides, create four even curtains. Petals flutter in a breeze, reveal deep-maroon interior spots. Compact, well-branched 3-4 ft. tall plants flower for many weeks in late spring or early summer, produce many more flowering stems than most foxgloves. Started early, bloom is the first year. Winter hardy to zone 4.

20 seeds - $3.49

Foxglove Foxy - Digitalis purpurea PR08217

FOXY Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Foxy foxgloves are lovely, heavy-flowering dwarf foxgloves. The attractively speckled, 3 in. flowers appear the first year when plants are started early indoors. When seed is sown outdoors in late spring through late summer, Foxy foxgloves will bloom the following season. Plants grow to 3 ft. tall, are winter hardy to zone 4.

5,000 seeds - $2.49

Foxglove Snow Thimble - Digitalis purpurea PR00857

SNOW THIMBLE Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Snow Thimble is a rare foxglove which produces long spikes of 2-3 in. long, pendulous, solid-white bells in late spring and summer. The 3-4 ft. tall plants will light up shady borders, or naturalize in woodland gardens. Snow Thimble is a biennial or short-lived perennial, is winter hardy to zone 4. Grow Snow Thimble foxgloves with Astolat delphinium, Magnus Superior echinacea, and Burgundy gaillardia.

300 seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Sugar Plum - Digitalis purpurea PR15050

SUGAR PLUM Foxglove Seeds Digitalis purpurea

Sugar Plum foxgloves carry long, 30-40 in. spires of bright lavender-pink flowers, with throats speckled deep wine red. Sugar Plum foxgloves begin to bloom in early summer. Cut the main flower spike, side shoots develop and continue to bloom into September. Plants are biennial. Winter hardy to zone 4.

50 seeds - $2.49

Foxglove Giant Yellow Herold - Digitalis ferruginea PR00858

GIANT YELLOW HEROLD Foxglove Seeds Digitalis ferruginea

Giant Yellow Herold foxgloves are festooned in straight, strong spikes of Dijon mustard-colored blooms over a long summer season. The flowers are excellent for cutting. The sturdy, 5-6 ft. tall plants are biennial, and winter hardy to zone 4. Seed is much larger than other foxgloves, is easy to sow.

Grow Giant Yellow Herold foxgloves with Hakone White balloon flower, Magnus Superior echinacea, Blue Cap sea holly, and Alaska shasta daisy.

100 seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Dusky Maid Sunset - Digitalis obscura PR05037

DUSKY MAID SUNSET Foxglove Seeds Digitalis obscura

The pendulous, thimble-shaped flowers of Dusky Maid Sunset foxgloves appear in attractive sunset shades from July to September. Colors include amber, beige brown, burnt orange, and red. The narrow, evergreen, dark-green leaves are similar to a penstemon. Dusky Maid Sunset is a unique, true perennial, naturally dwarf foxglove to 16-20 in. tall. Winter hardy to zone 5.

200 seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Foxglove Cafe Creme - Digitalis lanata PR05036

CAFE CRÈME Foxglove Seeds Digitalis lanata

Cafe Crème is an unusual, rare and beautiful, evergreen, true-perennial foxglove. Orchid-like flowers are white with bronze yellow markings, are held on long racemes from late spring to midsummer. Leaves are green, veined, and wooly. Cafe Crème foxgloves thrive in sunny or shady borders, and in cottage gardens. Plants grow to 3 ft. tall, are winter hardy to zone 5.

Cafe Crème foxglove cannot ship to MN.

250 seeds - $2.49

Foxglove Large Yellow - Digitalis grandiflora PR00849

LARGE YELLOW Foxglove Seeds Digitalis grandiflora

Large Yellow is one of the toughest, top performing foxgloves. Large 2 in. long, butter-yellow bells are held on 2-3 ft. stems in July and August. A long-lived, true perennial foxglove, which prefers moist soil: will tolerate some drought in a shaded border. Large Yellow foxgloves grow nicely with Oriental Poppies.

500 seeds - $2.99

Foxglove Milk Chocolate - Digitalis purpurea PR05038

MILK CHOCO­LATE Foxglove Seeds Digitalis parviflora

Milk Chocolate is a true-perennial foxglove that carries elegant spikes of dense, brown-red flowers from June to August. Attractive dark green leaves are deeply-veined. Milk Chocolate foxglove grows 18-24 in. tall, is winter hardy to zone 5.

100 seeds - $2.49

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How to Plant and Grow Foxglove

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Foxglove Seeds: Sow foxglove seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil, do not cover. Light aids germination. Kept at 65-75° F., germination is in 14-21 days. Transplant seedlings into the garden 18-24 in. apart. Can direct sow foxglove seed into prepared seed beds after danger of frost.

Grow Foxglove: Part sun to light shade, rich, moist soil. Tubular flowers attract bees and hummingbirds, are excellent for cutting. Plants are toxic; show excellent deer and rabbit resistance. Easy to grow, will frequently self sow.