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2024 Seed Catalog

Basil Seeds

Ocimum basilicum

How to plant Basil seeds

Plant Basil because:

  • you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs
  • you are fond of Caprese salad and/or Thai stir fry
  • you want beautiful plants that are also deliciously edible
  • you garden in containers on a patio or sunny windowsill

How to Plant and Grow Basil

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Basil Seeds: Direct sow into the garden after all danger of frost. Plant seed ¼ in. deep, 2-3 seeds per inch, in rows 18 in. apart. Firm the soil well over the seeds. Thinning is not necessary. Can be started indoors in cell packs or flats 6 weeks prior to setting out. Kept at 70°F., germination is in 5-10 days.

Grow Basil: Basil prefers warm weather and is very sensitive to cold. Removing flowers and pinching taller stems will result in bushier plants that produce more leaves and better flavor. Removing leaves from basil plants helps promote growth. Some basils may die back after blooming. Basil is often companion planted with tomatoes.

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