Sensitive Plant

Mimosa pudica

How to plant Sensitive Plant seeds

Sensitive Plant Mimosa garden seed - annual seeds AN08043


Children and adults alike are fascinated by the Sensitive Plant. Touch the leaves and the leaflets will fold up. Press with a little more force, the leaves will droop. One in. lilac-pink, globe-shaped flowers appear in midsummer. Sensitive plant is most often grown as a houseplant, or as a potted, outdoor annual. Will grow 1-2 ft. tall.

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How to Plant Sensitive Plant Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Soak Mimosa seed in hand hot water, 20 minutes prior to sowing seeds in cell packs or flats. Press into soil, but do not cover. Kept at 75° F., germination is in 21-40 days. Transfer Mimosa seedlings into 3 in. pots once large enough to handle.