Rocket Larkspur

Consolida ajacis

How to plant Larkspur seeds

The Seven Dwarfs larkspur seeds LRK0001


Add some fairytales to your containers and low borders with an enchanting new dwarf larkspur mix. Happy spikes of double flowers grow to just 8 to 10 in. tall. The Seven Dwarfs' colors include snow white, pink, rose, purple, blue, mauve, and grey.

100 seeds - $2.99


Giant Imperial larkspur are upright-growing plants with finely-cut, feathery foliage. Tall spikes of densely-set, 1-1½ in., double blooms appear in spring and early summer. Flowers are excellent in fresh cut or dried arrangements. Giant Imperial larkspur grow 3-5 ft. tall, look terrific at the back of borders, or along fence lines and walls.

Choice Mix Giant Imperial Larkspur flowers AN02048

CHOICE MIX Larkspur Seeds

Flower colors include light blue, dark blue, carmine, lilac, pink, rose, salmon, and white.

1,000 seeds - $2.49

Blue Spire Giant Imperial larspur AN02046

BLUE SPIRE Larkspur Seeds

Rich dark-blue flower spikes.

500 seeds - $2.49

White King Giant Imperial larkspur seeds AN08031

WHITE KING Larkspur Seeds

Flowers the color of freshly fallen snow.

500 seeds - $2.49

Giant Imperial Carmine King larkspur seeds AN02096

CARMINE KING Larkspur Seeds

Rich carmine flowers on long, strong spikes.

500 seeds - $2.49

Lilac King Giant Imperial larkspur seeds AN08030

LILAC KING Larkspur Seeds

Soft-lilac flowers.

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How to Plant Larkspur Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Spread larkspur seed on an evenly moist paper towel, fold and put inside a zip-lock bag and place in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Remove, and immediately sow seeds in rows in prepared seed beds, cover lightly. Thin seedlings to 10-18 in. apart. Sow larkspur from fall to early spring. Seeds can be started in small, individual containers provided seedlings are not allowed to become root bound. Transplant with care. Larkspur seeds are easy to germinate in cool (55° F. or below) soil.