In order to provide seeds to a greater number of people during this period of high demand, we have stopped accepting orders for items in our bulk section. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to offering bulk seeds again in the future.

BUDDY PURPLE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131779 $9.99
BUDDY ROSE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131781 $9.99 Currently Unavailable
BUDDY WHITE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131783 $9.99
FIREWORKS Coated (200 SEEDS) BBA131787 $31.99 Currently Unavailable
GNOME MIX (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131789 $12.99
GNOME PINK (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131791 $12.99
GNOME PURPLE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131793 $12.99 Currently Unavailable
GNOME WHITE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131795 $12.99
HAAGEANA QIS CARMINE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131797 $11.99 Currently Unavailable
HAAGEANA QIS MIX (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131799 $11.99 Currently Unavailable
HAAGEANA QIS ORANGE (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131801 $11.99
HAAGEANA QIS RED (1,000 SEEDS) BBA131803 $11.99
LAS VEGAS MIX (500 SEEDS) BBA131805 $9.99
LAS VEGAS PINK (500 SEEDS) BBA131807 $9.99
LAS VEGAS PURPLE (500 SEEDS) BBA131809 $9.99
LAS VEGAS WHITE (500 SEEDS) BBA131811 $9.99