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2024 Seed Catalog

Vinca Seeds

a.k.a. Madagascar Periwinkle

Catharanthus roseus

How to plant Vinca seeds

Compact Vinca

Heat-loving annual flowers grow 8-16 in. tall. Long summer and fall bloom season. Bright colors for your containers and borders.

Tattoo Series

Tattoo Series vincas include some of the most unusual and striking colors of any vinca flowers. Plants are well branched and heavy blooming — will grow up to 16 in. tall and spread wider. They require little maintenance, love the heat and are disease resistant. Grow Tattoo Series vincas in your garden beds, or plant in containers to best appreciate these unique beauties close-up.

Trailing Vinca

Bloom early in your garden and continue to flower until frost. Grow 5-8 in. tall, spread 2½-3 ft. across. Cascade from hanging baskets, and/or create sizzling carpets of color.

How to Plant and Grow Vinca

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Vinca Seeds: Sow Vinca seed indoors 10-12 weeks before your last frost. Starting your seeds later is fine. Use individual cells or flats. Press into soil and lightly cover. Vinca seeds need darkness to germinate. Cover flat with newspaper or place inside black plastic trash bag. Keep out of direct sun. Kept at 75-80°F., germination is in 10-21 days. Remove newspaper cover or trash bag and provide direct light as soon as the first seeds begin to sprout. When plants have 3-4 true leaves transplant into 2-3 in. containers. Place Vinca seedlings into the garden 12 in. apart when soil and air temperatures are consistently above 65°F.

Grow Vinca: Direct sowing Vinca seeds is not recommended. Give plants full sun. In southwest desert climates and the hottest regions of the deep south, afternoon shade is preferred. Vinca plants grow best in well-drained soil with average to low fertility. and tolerate drought, and high heat. In hot, humid climates 'Cora,' and 'Solar' vincas perform best. Flowers drop cleanly, no deadheading needed. Vinca plants are deer and rabbit resistant. Vinca flowers attract butterflies.

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