Penstemon barbatus, P. digitalis, P. hartwegii, P. x mexicali

How to plant Penstemon seeds

Penstemon Sunburst Colours - Penstemon x mexicale PR01759

SUN­BURST COLOURS Penstemon SeedsPenstemon x mexicale

Sunburst Colours penstemon produces flowers in riotous shades of pink, red, lavender, and purple. Most flowers will have white throats. The radiant flowers appear in early summer and continue to bloom into early fall. Foliage is glossy, narrow and attractive. Sunburst Colours penstemon is a first-year flowering, heavy-blooming 1.5-2 ft. tall perennial.

Plants are low maintenance, will tolerate both heat and humidity. Performance is outstanding massed in the landscape, or when mixed into borders and containers. Winter hardy to zone 5. Grow Sunburst Colours penstemon with Globetrotter agastache, Sterntaler coreopsis and Magnus Superior Echinacea.

30 seeds - $2.49

Penstemon Rondo - Penstemon barbatus PR09556

RONDO Penstemon Seeds Penstemon barbatus var. praecox f. Nanus, syn. Chelone barbata var. praecox f. Nanus

Rondo is a vibrant mix of penstemons with pink, red, and violet flowers. These 16 in. tall evergreen perennials bloom from July to September. Rondo penstemon flowers the first year when started early. Winter hardy to zone 3.

50 seeds - $ 1.99

Penstemon Mystica - Penstemon digitalis PR07067

MYSTICA Penstemon Seeds Penstemon digitalis

Many spikes of large, soft lavender-pink summer blooms. Flowers are butterfly and hummingbird magnets, are superb cut. Foliage is green in spring, morphs into bronze and red shades during summer and fall. Best leaf color seen when plants grown in full sun.

Mystica penstemon is an easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant, first-year blooming 3 ft. tall perennial. Winter hardy to zone 3. Grow Mystica penstemon with Milkmaid butterfly weed, Sterntaler coreopsis, Amber Wheels gaillardia, and Indian Spring Mix hollyhock.

50 seeds - $2.49

Penstemon Twizzle Scarlet - Penstemon barbatus New PEN0001

TWIZZLE SCARLET Penstemon Seeds Penstemon barbatus syn. Chelone barbata

Twizzle Scarlet produces strong stems covered with vivid scarlet flowers on 2 to 3 ft. tall plants. A first-year flowering perennial, blooms June to September. Plants are winter hardy perennials to zone 5 and can be grown as annuals everywhere. A 2017 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner (Europe's top prize).

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Large flowers on vigorous and upright-growing, heat-tolerant, self-cleaning, first-year flowering 14-18 in. tall plants. Bloom begins in late spring or early summer, continues all summer. Flowers are excellent for cutting. Tubular Bells penstemons are high-impact plants for mixed borders and containers. They are especially stunning when massed in the landscape.

Penstemon Tubular Bells Red - Penstemon hartwegii PR01281

TUBU­LAR BELLS RED Penstemon Seeds Penstemon hartwegii

Brilliantly colored deep scarlet-red flowers. Plants are winter hardy to zone 7, can be grown as annuals everywhere.

50 seeds - $2.99

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How to Plant and Grow Penstemon

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Penstemon Seeds: Sow penstemon seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil, and barely cover. Kept at 60-70° F., germination in 14-30 days. See Starting Seeds for information about growing seedlings indoors under lights.

Grow Penstemon: Penstemons prefer full sun, part sun in hottest climates. Plants need little to moderate water once established. Avoid overly fertile soil. Rondo Penstemon is especially tolerant of high heat and humidity. Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Plants are deer resistant.