Annual Chrysanthemum

Ismelia carinata syn. Chrysanthemum carinatum

How to plant Tricolor Chrysanthemum seeds

Heavy flowering annuals produce loads of showy, daisy-like flowers which are long-lasting cut. The 2-3′ tall plants are remarkably easy to grow.

Chrysanthemum carinatum Sunset flowers - Annual Flower Seeds AN12100

SUNSET Tricolor Chrysanthemum

Rich shades of red, orange, and apricot.

150 seeds - $2.99

Rainbow Mix tricolor Chrysanthemum blossoms - Annual Flower Seeds AN00167

RAINBOW MIX Tricolor Chrysanthemum

Produces showy single, daisy-like flowers in purple, orange, scarlet, rose, salmon, yellow, and white shades.

⅛ Ounce - $2.49

Chrysanthemum carinatum Bright Eye - Annual Flower Seeds. AN16777

BRIGHT EYETricolor Chrysanthemum

Strongly contrasting single white flowers with deep red and bright yellow rings.

200 seeds - $2.99

How to Plant and Grow Tricolor Chrysanthemum

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Tricolor Chrysanthemums Seeds: Direct sow into prepared seed beds. an area with weeds cleared and top 1 in. of soil loosened. Rake in seed. Walk over the bed to insure good seed to soil contact. Keep moist until germination. Indoors, seeds are propagated in 2 in. containers.

Grow Tricolor Chrysanthemums: Full sun, any soil if drainage is good. Prefers regular moisture, will thrive with average water. Flowers are plentiful and long-lasting when cut. Spring sowing is most common, for flowers in summer and fall. In mild-winter areas, seeds can be planted in fall for winter and spring flowers.