Baby's-blue-eyes, Five Spot, Total Eclipse

Nemophila menziesii, N. menziesii var. discoidalis, N. maculata

How to plant Nemophila seeds

Baby Blue Eyes seeds AN00113

BABY BLUE EYES Seeds Nemophila menziesii

Baby Blue Eyes is a 6-10 in. tall wildflower that produces lovely, 1 in. cup shaped, sky-blue flowers with white centers in spring or summer. Magical massed under deciduous trees. One of the best annuals to use as a bulb cover. Packet is ⅛ ounce, about 1,900 seeds.

⅛ Ounce - $2.49

Total Eclipse Nemophila seeds AN07010

TOTAL ECLIPSE Nemophila Seeds Nemophila menziesii var. discoidalis

Nearly black flowers; petals show an attractive white picotee. An easy to grow, 8-12 in. tall, spreading annual. Usually reseeds, coming back year after year. Packet is 200 seeds.

200 seeds - $2.49

Five Spot seeds - Nemophila maculata AN05069

FIVE SPOT Nemophila Seeds Nemophila maculata

Five Spot is similar in habit and appearance to Baby Blue Eyes. Its spring or summer flowers are white with bright purple spots at the tip of each petal.

Five Spot is a versatile addition to your beds, borders, rock gardens, patio containers, or hanging baskets. Grows 6-10 in. tall. Packet is ⅛ ounce, about 650 seeds.

⅛ Ounce - $2.49

How to Plant and Grow Baby Blue Eyes Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila) Seeds: Direct sow into prepared seed beds that have been cleared of weeds and have had the top 1 in. of soil loosened. Rake seed in. Press into soil by walking over the area. Keep moist until germination. Can be started indoors in 2 in. pots.

Grow Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila): Full or part sun. Likes fertile, moist soil. Plant seed in fall or earliest spring where winters are mild, in early spring everywhere else. Flowers in mild weather. Attracts bees, birds and butterflies. Self-sows in cool climates.