Bulk seeds are ordered fresh from our suppliers, after your order is placed. Most orders containing bulk seeds ship within 2 to 3 weeks.

If your order contains both retail seed packets and bulk seeds, you can choose to have retail seed packets shipped before bulk seeds or everything shipped together.

Some seeds in our bulk section may not be available, especially during the busy winter and spring seasons. If you would like to confirm availability of any bulk seeds prior to placing an order, please email us at or call us at 1-877-489-7333.

Because bulk seeds are ordered specially for you, returns are not accepted and cancellations must be made within 2 business days after an order is placed.

HARMONY DEEP ROSE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135673 $23.99
HARMONY LIGHT ROSE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135675 $23.99
HARMONY MIX (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135677 $23.99
HARMONY PURPLE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135679 $23.99
HARMONY VIOLET (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135681 $23.99
HARMONY WHITE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135683 $23.99
MIDGET LAVENDER (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135685 $22.99
MIDGET MIX (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135687 $22.99
MIDGET RED (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135689 $22.99
MIDGET ROSE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135691 $22.99
MIDGET SPECIAL MIX (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135693 $22.99
MIDGET VIOLET (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135695 $22.99
MIDGET WHITE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135697 $22.99
VINTAGE ANTIQUE MIX (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135699 $21.99
VINTAGE BURGUNDY (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135701 $21.99
VINTAGE COPPER (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135703 $21.99
VINTAGE LAVENDER (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135705 $21.99
VINTAGE LILAC (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135707 $21.99
VINTAGE MIX (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135709 $21.99
VINTAGE PEACH (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135711 $21.99
VINTAGE RED (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135713 $21.99
VINTAGE ROSE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135715 $21.99
VINTAGE WHITE (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135717 $21.99
VINTAGE YELLOW (2,000 SEEDS) BBA135719 $21.99