African Marigold, French Marigold

Tagetes erecta, T. patula, T. patula x erecta

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Vanilla Improved Hybrid marigold seeds
Marigold Vanilla Improved Hybrid Vanilla Improved Hybrid marigold

VANILLA IM­PROVED HYBRID African Marigold Seeds Tagetes erecta

Large and elegant 2½-3 in. wide, soft creamy-white, fully-double flowers on compact, 16 in. tall plants. Vanilla Improved Hybrid is a top garden performer, and a major improvement compared to previously introduced white marigolds. Quick to bloom with large, plentiful and beautifully colored flowers, Vanilla Improved Hybrid marigold was one of the truly outstanding performing annuals in the 2017 Swallowtail Garden Seeds test garden. Plants prefer some afternoon shade.

15 seeds - $4.99

Inca 2 Primrose marigold seeds
Marigold Inca 2 Primrose Inca 2 Primrose flower in macro

INCA 2 PRIM­ROSE African Marigold Seeds

Enormous 4 in. fully double, vibrant pastel-yellow flowers. Plants are compact and tidy, sturdy and upright, to 12-14 in. tall. Inca 2 Primrose is heavy-blooming and heat tolerant: an outstanding marigold for massing in the landscape, or for making colorful patio containers.

25 seeds - $2.99

Alumia Vanilla Cream marigold marigold seeds AN14049

ALUMIA VANILLA CREAM French Marigold Seeds

Alumia Vanilla Cream is a new French marigold with large, very early blooming 2½ in. soft lemon yellow, anemone-type flowers. Plants are vigorous and branching to 10-12 in. tall, with a slightly wider spread. Alumia Vanilla Cream is a Fleuroselect Novelty Award winner.

50 seeds - $2.99

FRENCH Marigold Seeds

Early-flowering and heavy-blooming plants are covered in 2 in. wide, richly-colored flowers. Growth is branching to 8-12 in. tall. French marigolds are spectacular when planted in beds and containers.

Alumia Red marigold seeds New MRG1701

ALUMIA RED French Marigold Seeds

A striking French marigold with large, early blooming, 2.5 in. gilt-edged deep red, anemone-type flowers. Vigorous branching plants grow 10-12 in. tall, spread slightly wider.

50 seeds - $2.99

CRESTA SERIES French Marigold Seeds Tagetes patula

Cresta is a new series of large, long lasting 2-2½ in. crested marigolds. They are the earliest blooming of the crested French marigolds. Uniform, branching plants grow 9-12 in. tall, 12-16 in. wide. Cresta marigolds are exceptional performers in containers and garden beds.

Cresta Spry marigold seeds New MRG1711

CRESTA SPRY French Marigold Seeds

Large, early blooming, long lasting 2-2.5 in. bicolor red and yellow crested marigolds. Uniform, branching plants grow 9-12 in. tall, spread 12-16 in. across. Crestas are exceptional performers in containers and garden beds.

50 seeds - $2.99

Cresta Mix marigold seeds MRG1703

CRESTA MIX French Marigold Seeds

A formula mix of all 8 colors in the Cresta marigold series. Large 2-2½ in. crested flowers on early-blooming 9-12 in. tall plants. They are great choices for containers or garden beds.

50 seeds - $2.99

Cresta Flame marigold seeds
Cresta Flame marigold Marigold Cresta Flame

CRESTA FLAME French Marigold Seeds

50 seeds - $2.99

Cresta Yellow marigold seeds AN14052

CRESTA YELLOW French Marigold Seeds

50 seeds - $2.99

Cresta Deep Orange marigold seeds AN14050

CRESTA DEEP ORANGE French Marigold Seeds

50 seeds - $2.99

BONANZA SERIES French Marigold Seeds Tagetes patula

Bonanza Bee marigold seeds AN11201

BONANZA BEE French Marigold Seeds

Large 2-2½ in. golden flowers flecked with red. Plants bloom early and heavily. Growth habit is upright branching to 10-12 in. tall.

50 seeds - $1.99

Bonanza Harmony marigold seeds AN00999

BONANZA HARMONY French Marigold Seeds

Large 2-2½ in. maroon and orange bicolor flowers. Plants flower early and heavily, with upright and branching growth to 10-12 in. tall.

50 seeds - $1.99

Bonanza Deep Orange marigold seeds AN12079

BONANZA DEEP ORANGE French Marigold Seeds

Large and luminous deep-orange, 2-2½ in. wide flowers. Bonanza Deep Orange is the deepest orange crested French marigold. Plants are early flowering and heavy blooming, with upright and branching growth to 10-12 in. tall.

50 seeds - $1.99


The best of both worlds. Vigorous 14-16 in. tall plants are heavy-blooming, and produce huge flowers! Dead-heading is not required, which is a real time saver because plants are constantly in bloom. French-African hybrid marigolds flower many weeks longer than other marigolds.

ZENITH SERIES French-African Hybrid Marigold Seeds Tagetes patula x erecta

This new triploid marigold is a cross between an African and French marigold. The richly colored double flowers reach 3-4 in. across, plants are stunning when massed in the landscape. The remarkable ability of Zenith series marigolds to thrive in Texas heat has earned them a place on the Dallas Arboretum's 'Flameproof' plants list.

Zenith Red marigold seeds AN16113

ZENITH RED French-African Hybrid Marigold Seeds

Huge 3-4 in. rich mahogany-red flowers shade to eye-popping red gold as blooms age.

25 seeds - $2.99

Zenith Mix marigold seeds AN09169

ZENITH MIX French-African Hybrid Marigold Seeds

Solid and bicolor marigolds in golden yellow, lemon yellow, orange and red, orange, red and gold, and red shades.

25 seeds - $2.99

AFRICAN Marigold Seeds

African Marigolds boast huge fully-double flowers up to 4 in. across. Plants are compact and sturdy, to 12-20 in. tall. African marigolds look fantastic in beds, borders, or containers.

Lady Mix marigold seeds AN10444

LADY MIX African Marigold Seeds Tagetes erecta

Refined double carnation-shaped, 3-4 in. wide flowers cover sturdy 20 in. tall plants that never require staking. Colors include clear yellow, gold, orange, and primrose.

25 seeds - $2.99

Moonsong Deep Orange marigold seeds AN11275

MOON­SONG DEEP ORANGE African Marigold Seeds Tagetes erecta

Large fade-resistant, true orange flowers. Other orange marigolds look golden by comparison. Fully double 2½-3½ in. blooms cover vigorous, upright-growing, 12-15 in. tall plants. Without deadheading Moonsong Deep Orange will continue to flower and look fresh all season. Plants are stress resistant, tolerate both heat and drought. A reliable, easy to grow choice for beds, mixed borders, or 6 in. pots. Moonsong Deep Orange is a 2010 All-America Selections Winner.

20 seeds - $4.99

DISCOVERY SERIES African Marigold Seeds Tagetes erecta

The Discovery series of marigolds carry large 3 in. double flowers on sturdy, neat and tidy, easy to grow, 12-16 in. tall plants. Discovery marigolds show extraordinary tolerance to both heat and weather, are equally at home in containers or flower beds.

Discovery Orange marigold seeds
Discovery Orange marigolds Marigold Discovery Orange Discovery Orange marigolds in color bowl

DIS­COVERY ORANGE African Marigold Seeds

Clear orange, large double flowers.

25 seeds - $2.99

Marigold Discovery Mix MRG1709

DIS­COVERY MIX African Marigold Seeds

A bright blend of orange and primrose yellow.

25 seeds - $2.99

INCA II SERIES African Marigold Seeds Tagetes erecta

Huge fully double 4 in. flowers on sturdy, upright growing, 12-14 in. tall plants. Inca 2 marigolds are heat tolerant, compact, and heavy flowering. They are among the best marigolds for massing in the landscape, or planting in containers. Be sure to visit Inca 2 Primrose marigold in our customer favorite section.

Inca 2 Gold marigold seeds AN09165

INCA II GOLD African Marigold Seeds

Vivid 4 in. fully double, true gold flowers on sturdy 12-14 in. tall plants. Inca 2 series marigolds are heavy flowering and easy to grow: they are among the finest large-flowered marigolds for containers, and when grown in the landscape they produce eye-popping masses of color.

25 seeds - $2.99

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How to Plant Marigold Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Sow marigold seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 70-75°F. germination is in 5-20 days. Transplant seedlings into the garden 8-18 in. apart (spacing is variety specific, and is on our packets) after all danger of frost.