Fragaria ananassa, F. vesca

How to plant Strawberry seeds

Strawberry Toscana

Why Grow Straw­berries?

Strawberry plants are beautiful: Strawberries are one of the best ornamental edible plants to grow in containers, especially hanging baskets.

Kid friendly: Growing and sampling strawberries brings inspiration to budding young gardeners.

So much more delicious than store-bought: If you have eaten a just-picked, sun-warmed, ripe strawberry, you know why.

Strawberries are perennials: Count on multiple seasons of bountiful harvests.

Strawberry Fresca
Strawberry Fresca Strawberry Fresca, bunch of berries

FRESCA Strawberry Seeds (OP) Fragaria x ananassa

This is the best seed grown, open pollinated traditional strawberry, and in our experience the easiest to grow. The delicious 1 in. berries appear from early summer until frost on vigorous plants with few runners. Fresca strawberries are perfect for containers or raised beds. For the fastest crop start seeds indoors in winter and plant outside in spring.

20 seeds - $2.49

Strawberry Toscana
Toscana strawberry Strawberry Toscana

TOSCANA Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

Large 1½-2 in. dark pink flowers from May until frost. Deep red, cone-shape, sugary, juicy and delicious summer fruit. Fruit sets on mother plant and along runners. Toscana produces up to 2 pounds of strawberries per plant. Vigorous growing to 8-10 in. tall and 12-18 in. wide, with runners to 3 ft. long. A showy, productive, totally sweet choice for containers, flower beds, or vegetable gardens. A Fleuroselect FleuroStar award winner.

10 seeds - $5.99

Strawberry Delizz
Strawberry Delizz Delizz Strawberry Strawberries Delizz Delizz Strawberries
New for 2018 VG18137

DELIZZ Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

Delizz will delight you with sweet and fragrant, bright red conical 1½ in. ever-bearing fruit. Copious amounts of berries, up to 45 ea. for each plant, are held above the shiny dark green leaves for easy picking. Compact, upright habit makes Delizz at home in pots and hanging baskets. Plants fruit the first year. A 2016 All America Selections Award Winner.

10 seeds - $8.99

Strawberry Ruby Ann VG16011

RUBY ANN Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

Ruby Ann is the showiest strawberry for hanging baskets. Plants are covered in waves of very early, brilliant ruby red flowers. Blooms are followed by medium size, mild, sweet fruits. Flowers and fruit are produced all summer long.

10 seeds - $5.99

Strawberry Loran
Strawberry Loran Loran strawberry fruit and flowers

LORAN Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

Compact, early flowering, ever-bearing strawberries with deep green leaves and little to no runners. The beautiful white flowers appear in waves throughout the season, are followed by large deep red and delicious berries from May onwards.

10 seeds - $5.99

Strawberry Merlan VG00051

MERLAN Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

Beautiful pink spring flowers are followed by red, delicious, sweet berries which are higher in vitamin C content than most strawberries. Fruit appears in waves throughout the summer. Plants are compact, early to flower, and produce few runners.

10 seeds - $5.99

Strawberry Temptation
Temptation strawberry Temptation strawberry in hanging basket Temptation strawberry in container

TEMP­TATION Strawberry Seeds Fragaria x ananassa

An ideal strawberry for hanging baskets or containers, these vigorous, nearly runnerless plants produce large, luscious dark red 2 in. berries beginning in early to mid-summer and continue fruiting until frost.

25 seeds - $2.49

Alpine Strawberries

Where Alpine Strawberries lack in size, they make up with an intense, mouthwatering flavor. Grow in full sun, or part shade if you live in a hot summer climate. Alpine strawberries do not produce runners. Pick when fruit is deep red and a little soft to the touch.

Alexandria alpine strawberry - Fragaria vesca VG02203

ALEX­ANDRIA Alpine Strawberry Seeds (OP) Fragaria vesca

Organically grown. Improved selection features fruits twice the size of wild berries. Compact, heavy blooming, runner-less perennials produce large amounts of fragrant and tasty strawberries continuously from spring through fall. Will often naturalize in partly shaded, well watered areas of your garden. Superb in containers.

50 seeds - $2.49

Mignonette alpine strawberry - Fragaria vesca
strawberries Mignonette alpine Mignonette alpine strawberry

MIGNON­ETTE Alpine Strawberry Seeds (OP) Fragaria vesca

Plants are compact, vigorous, heavy blooming and runnerless. Berries are bright red, fragrant, delicious, and are produced from spring through fall. Will often naturalize in partly shaded, regularly watered areas of the garden. Superb in containers. In France, Mignonette is the strawberry most often used to garnish champagne.

100 seeds - $3.99

Strawberry Yellow Wonder alpine - Fragaria vesca VG00301

YELLOW WONDER Alpine Strawberry Seeds (OP) Fragaria vesca

Tasty white-yellow berries that do not attract birds. Grows 6-8 in. tall. Rare.

50 seeds - $3.99

How to Plant Strawberry Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Traditional Strawberries: Sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 60-65°F., germination averages 21-30 days. Transplant into the garden, 12 in. apart.

Alpine Strawberries: Sow in cell packs or flats, press into soil, barely cover. Cover flat with newspaper to exclude light; keep out of direct sun. Kept at 60°F., germination is in 2-5 weeks. Transplant 1 ft. apart.

Grower Tip: To encourage larger, more vigorous and bountiful plants, you may remove the first flush of flowers.

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