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2024 Seed Catalog

Cup and Saucer Vine Seeds

a.k.a. Cathedral Bells

Cobaea scandens, C. scandens f. alba

How to plant Cup and Saucer Vine seeds

Cup and Saucer Vines are vigorous; reaching up to 20-25 feet in a season. The tender vines are native to Mexico, stay evergreen in frost-free climates, and can be grown as annuals anywhere else. Large bell-shaped flowers (the cups) sit daintily in prominent light green calyxes (the saucers). Grow Cup and Saucer vines on large trellises, fences and arbors, or let them ramble through trees and shrubs.

How to Plant and Grow Cup and Saucer Vine Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

First, nick cup and saucer vine seed with a sharp knife. Then direct sow (edgewise) into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost. Thin seedlings to 24-36 in. apart. Seeds can be started indoors in 2 in. pots (barely cover). Kept at 70-75°F., germination is in 10-30 days.