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How to plant Stevia seeds

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SWEETY STAR Stevia Seeds

Sweety Star represents a break­through in stevia breeding. Leaves are thinner and more consistently sweet than other seed raised stevia. Dried, ground leaves are a powerful herbal sweetener, up to 30 times sweeter than sugar, and nearly calorie free. Small, toothed leaves are held on slightly woody stems, white flowers appear in late summer. Sweety Star stevia plants grow to 2 ft. tall, are perennial in zones 9 and 10, can be grown as an annual everywhere.

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How to Plant Stevia Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Sow stevia seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil, do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 70-75°F., germination is in 7-21 days. Transplant stevia seedlings into 3 in. pots when large enough to handle. Transplant into the garden 12 in. apart, after all danger of frost.