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Osteospermum ecklonis

How to plant Osteospermum seeds

ASTI SERIES Osteo­spermum Seeds

Osteospermum Asti Mix AN10052

ASTI MIX Osteo­spermum Seeds

Blooms in shades of lavender, purple, and white. Asti Mix osteospermums represent a breakthrough in flower breeding. Plants tolerate both extreme heat and light frost. Great rolling waves of elegant, 2-3 in. daisies are produced from early summer and well into fall. Deadheading will assure the flowers keep right on coming.

Asti Mix osteospermums grow as wide as they do tall, up to 20 in. in each direction. Plants are high performers, well adapted to almost any climate. Asti Mix osteospermums are knockout choices for containers or garden beds.

10 seeds - $5.99

How to Plant and Grow Osteospermum

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Osteospermum Seeds: Nick osteospermum seed with nail clippers, then sow in cell packs or flats. Press into soil and barely cover. Kept at 70°F., germination is in 10-21 days. Transplant Osteospermum seedlings into the garden 12-16 in. apart after all danger of frost. Seedlings tolerate light frost, can be set out early in the season.

Grow Osteospermum: Full Sun. Flowers stay open during the day, even during cloudy weather. Bloooms attract butterflies. Plants resist heat and drought; tolerate poor soil, when drainage is good.