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2024 Seed Catalog

Delphinium Seeds

a.k.a. Candle Larkspur

Delphinium elatum, D. x belladonna

How to plant Delphinium seeds

Delphiniums are classic cottage-garden perennials. Flowers are superb for cutting. Delphinium plants thrive in moist soil, full sun to part shade.

Delphina Series

Delphinium elatum

Just 14-18 in. tall, Delphina delphiniums are the first series of true dwarf delphiniums. 1.5 in. double blooms have contrasting central bees. Sturdy flower stems do not need to be staked, yet they are plenty long enough for use as cut flowers. Bushy, multiple-branched plants with lacy foliage grow 16 in. wide. Plant in front of taller delphiniums and foxgloves for a beautifully balanced display. Delphina delphiniums are perennials, winter hardy to zone 4.

Magic Fountains Series

Delphinium elatum

Magic Fountains delphiniums grow 30-36 in. tall, do not require staking and provide plenty of cut flowers. Winter hardy plants to zone 3.

Pacific Giant Series

Delphinium elatum

Long spikes of 3 in. double blooms develop in summer and are terrific cut flowers. Remove the first flower spike and additional spikes form quickly. Pacific Giant series delphiniums grow 4-7 ft. tall, and are dramatic vertical accents for the back of borders. Winter hardy to zone 3.

How to Plant and Grow Delphinium

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant Delphiniums Seeds: Sow seeds in cell packs or flats, press into soil, fully cover. Darkness will aid germination. Kept at 55°F., germination is in 14-35 days.

Grow Delphiniums: Germination rate of delphinium seed is improved (if prior to sowing) seeds are placed in a ziplock bag with a small amount of moist growing media (or a moist paper towel), placed in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

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