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Zea mays

 How to plant Popcorn seeds 

The sophisticated will place the dried ears in a paper bag, carefully tie up the end and place in the microwave to pop. The adventurous will place the ears directly in the microwave, turn it on and relish the riotous scene that follows. How will you pop your popcorn?

Robust Hybrid popcorn VG05654

ROBUST HYBRID Popcorn 110 days

High yielding plants with 7-8 inch long double ears and glossy yellow kernels, produce extra large (nearly the size of a quarter), extremely tender, gourmet quality flakes. Grows 8-9 feet tall. Packet is 100 seeds.

100 seeds - $2.49

How to Plant Popcorn Seeds

Direct sow 5-6 seeds per foot, about 1-2 inches deep in rows (a minimum of 4 rows will ensure pollination) 3 feet apart. Thin to 12 inches apart. Kept at 70-90°F., germination is in 7-14 days. If birds are a problem, sow in cell packs and transplant into the garden 1 foot apart. Plant in spring to early summer, after all danger of frost, and when the ground has warmed.