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Clematis integrifolia, C. tangutica

Summer Indigo clematis VN00056

SUMMER INDIGOClematis SeedsClematis integrifolia

Rare, superb, shrubby clematis features 1-2 inch indigo-violet flowers from May to August, followed with attractive, gray-brown seed heads. Grows 2-3 feet tall; looks best supported by twigs (like staking peas). The best shrubby (non-vining) clematis. Seed may require pre-chilling, instructions included. Winter hardy to zone 2.

20 seeds - $3.99
Radar Love clematis VN00023

RADAR LOVEClematis SeedsClematis tangutica

Grows rapidly, forms lush, 10-15 foot tall perennial vines. Amazing amounts or bright yellow, 3-4 inch pendulous, lantern shaped flowers from July to fall followed by feathery seed heads. Blooms within four months of germination. Use on trellises, fences and arbors, or in pots and hanging baskets. Usually germinates within 30 days. Winter hardy to zone 4.

50 seeds - $2.49

How to Plant Clematis Seeds

To plant 'Summer Indigo' or 'Radar Love' Clematis seeds: Sow seeds in 2 inch pots or cell packs, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 70°F., germination usually occurs within 3-5 weeks. If not, put container inside a zip-lock bag with plenty of air;refrigerate for 2-4 weeks. Return to 70°F. to germinate.

Comments: To plant 'Alpine Blue' Clematis seeds: Place seed inside a zip-lock bag (provided) with a small amount of moist growing media (with plenty of air), refrigerate for 21 days. Then sow in cell packs or flats, cover with ¼ inch of soil. Kept at 70-75°F., germination is in 60-180 days.