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Swamp Milkweed, Pleurisy Root

Asclepias incarnata, A. tuberosa

How to plant Butterfly Weed seeds

Soulmate butterfly weed PR00755

SOULMATE Butterfly Weed Asclepias incarnata

Soulmate butterfly weed produces absolutely beautiful, deep rose-pink blooms in large umbels, within 3 months of sowing. Of course butterflies find them irresistible. They are superb cut flowers. The long-blooming, 3.5 ft. tall plants are stunning at back of borders. Leaves are dark green, long and smooth. Seeds are easy to germinate. Winter hardy to zone 3. Soulmate butterfly weed grows nicely with Russian sage and Blacknight hollyhock.

30 seeds - $2.99
Milkmaid butterfly weed PR00753

MILKMAID Butterfly Weed Asclepias incarnata

Milkmaid butterfly weed is known for magnificent, flat umbels of pure-white blooms. Bred to be a long-lasting cut flowers, blooms are held on long, strong stems; of course butterflies are mad about them. Plants grow 3.5-4 ft. tall. Easy to germinate seeds. Winter hardy to zone 3. Milkmaid butterfly weed grows nicely with Hakone White balloon flower, Magnus Superior Echinacea,  Golden Yellow hollyhock, and Mystica penstemon.

20 seeds - $2.49
Orange butterfly weed PR00761

ORANGE Butterfly WeedAsclepias tuberosa

Three ft. plants produce large, 6″ clusters of vibrant-orange flowers. Blooms attract swarms of butterflies in summer. Plants are winter hardy to zone 3. Seeds occasionally require chilling, instructions included. Germination uneven over a period of 21-90 days.

25 seeds - $2.99
Butterfly Weed Gay Butterflies PR00757

GAY BUTTERFLIES Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa

Heat and drought tolerant, 3 ft. tall plants produce large, 6″ clusters of vibrant, summer flowers. Colors include shades of red, yellow, orange, and bronze. Blooms attract swarms of butterflies, are excellent for cutting. Winter hardy to zone 3. Germination uneven over a period of 21-90 days. Gay Butterflies butterfly weed grows nicely with big betony,  Sundrops evening primrose, Sunburst Colours penstemon, Blue Cap sea holly, and Banana Custard verbascum.

15 seeds - $ 3.49

How to Plant Butterfly Weed Seeds

Monarch butterfly with wings spread wide

Full sun. Asclepias incarnata (Milkmaid and Soulmate) thrive in moist, even wet soils, will adapt to average garden water. Asclepias tuberosa (Orange and Gay Butterflies) tolerate heat and drought, need only occasional water once established, will happily accept average moisture with good drainage.

All of our perennial butterfly weeds attract bees and hummingbirds, are important nectar sources for a wide range of butterflies, most notably the Monarch. To promote Monarch butterfly caterpillars, Asclepias incarnata is the host most preferred. Plants are deer and rabbit resistant. Learn more about monarch butterflies and butterfly weed.