Phytosanitary Certificate

We recommend all of our international customers familiarize themselves with the current requirements of their country's department or ministry of agriculture prior to ordering. Many countries require phytosanitary certificates and some also require import permits.

Phytosanitary certificates are not required for orders shipping to Canada.

Phytosanitary certificates are required when importing seeds into Australia, the European Union and into many other countries. We recommend purchasing a phytosanitary certificate when importing seeds, unless the department or ministry of agriculture in the destination country specifies that a phytosanitary certificate is not required. Adding a phytosanitary certificate to your order can greatly reduce customs related delays and other issues that could prevent your shipment from being delivered.

All orders that include a phytosanitary certificate will be reviewed after they are placed. We will contact you if any issues are found after our review and after review by the phytosanitary inspector. Orders being shipped with a phytosanitary certificate cannot include any pelleted or coated seeds. Depending on the destination country, importation of some types of flower or vegetable may be restricted. We will inform you of any restricted items in your order.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Phytosanitary Certificate - $124.99