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Malva sylvestris

 How to plant Zebra Hollyhock seeds 

Bravehart zebra hollyhock.New for 2016 PR01048

BRAVEHEART Zebra Hollyhock

Lavender blooms with purple veins bunched along lengthy, upright wands. Braveheart blooms and blooms, and then blooms some more. Flowers late spring, summer, and fall. Plants are upright growing and bushy to 3-4 feet tall.

Will bloom the first year when started early. Braveheart Zebra Hollyhock will bloom the first year when not started early. Biennial, from a summer sowing, grown as an annual from spring sowing. Self-sows. Winter hardy to zone 3. British photographer and gardener Valerie Finnis selected Braveheart from a chance seedling found in Sir David Scott's garden.

25 Seeds - $2.99
'Mystic Merlin' Zebra Hollyhock showing blooms of purple, true blue, and mauve. PR01051

MYSTIC MERLINZebra Hollyhock

A magical blend of large silky hibiscus-like blooms of deep purple, mauve and true blue. They are produced freely from July until frost. Great for the back of the border where it will grow 4-5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Winter hardy to zone 3.

25 Seeds - $2.99
Bibor Felho zebra hollyhock purple blooms with deep plum veins. PR01049

BIBOR FELHO Zebra Hollyhock

Organically grown. Tough, free-flowering plants produce purple hibiscus-like flowers veined in deep plum all summer. Excellent cut flowers. Plants grow 3-4 feet tall, are striking in borders or backgrounds. "Bibor Felho" is translated as "Purple Haze." First year flowering biennial, or short-lived perennial that usually self-sows. Winter hardy to zone 3.

25 seeds - $2.49
Zebrina zebra hollyhock seeds. White or light pink hibiscus-like flowers striped purple. A first year flowering biennial or short lived perennial. PR01053

ZEBRINA Zebra Hollyhock

The saucer shaped flowers are white or light pink with purple stripes, arranged on long 2-3 foot spikes. They are produced with great freedom all summer long. An easy to grow 3-4 foot tall biennial or short-lived perennial, Zebrina will usually self-sow and return year after year. Winter hardy to zone 3.

50 Seeds - 1.99

How to Plant Zebra Hollyhock Seeds

Sow seed in 2 inch pots or cell packs, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 70-75° F. germination is in 14-28 days. Can direct sow into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost, in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 12-24 inches apart. Thin to the strongest plant.

Growing Zebra Hollyhocks: Full or part sun. Tolerates a wide range of soils as long as drainage is good. Once established, plants are drought tolerant, bloom will be much heavier with moderate to average water. Feed with all purpose fertilizer before growth begins in spring. Flowers are excellent for cutting, and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Remove old blooms or cut plants back to encourage repeat flowering.

Zebra Hollyhocks are rugged, we have seen them sprout in the cracks of our sunny concrete patio, survive the season, throw out a few blooms, living only on the soil left behind by our push broom and the occasional run-off from the lawn sprinklers. Zebra Hollyhocks grow to please and in a more ideal location, and with modest attention, will reward you with a long season of colorful bloom.