Daucus carota

How to plant Carrot seeds

Carrot Bolero VG00049

BOLERO Carrot Seeds 73 days

For long-term storage these cylindrical 7-8 in. beauties are almost without peer. They are also excellent fresh, always sweet and crunchy, and have proved popular in fall specialty markets throughout the United States. Highly resistant to Alternaria blight and powdery mildew.

500 seeds - $2.49

Carrot Mokum VG00053

MOKUM Carrot Seeds 54 days

This is an outstanding carrot for fresh eating or juicing. The crisp and tender roots are about 6 in. long, quite slender, and bursting with juice and sugar.

500 seeds - $2.49

Carrot Purple Haze VG07204

PURPLE HAZE Carrot Seeds 70 days

This All American Selections winner features showy sweet deep purple carrots with bright orange cores. Kids love these carrots. Best suited for eating raw; it is a fun addition to vegetable trays.

250 seeds - $2.49

How to Plant Carrot Seeds

Bee introduces how to plant

Plant carrot seed at 3-week intervals throughout the spring and summer and up to 2.5 months before the first hard fall frost. Kept at 65-75°F., germination is in 7-21 days. Make sure carrot planting beds are free of rocks and clumps of soil as they will retard growth or cause roots to split. Sow in furrows about 3 seeds per inch and thin to 3 in. apart.