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Gypsophila muralis

How to plant Annual Baby's Breath seeds.

Blue Splendor brachycome - 1 foot tall annual with brilliant blue flowers in summer and fall. AN05085

GYPSY DEEP ROSE Baby's Breath Seeds

Neat, compact mounds, 8-10 inches tall and 20 inches wide are smothered in semi-double to fully-double, rose-pink flowers all summer long. An outstanding plant for edging or bedding, it is also excellent in rock gardens, hanging baskets or patio containers. An All-America Selections Winner.

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How to Plant Annual Baby's Breath Seeds.

Sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil, but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 70-75° F., germination is in 1-2 weeks. Transplant into the garden 12 inches apart, after all danger of frost.

Gypsophila muralis Gypsy Deep Rose.