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Wax, Tuberous, & Hybrid Begonias

Begonia boliviensis, B. hybrida, B. semperflorens, B. tuberosa, B. tuberhybrida, B. x Benariensis

How to plant Begonia seeds

Gryphon Begonia with enormous silvery veined and spotted leaves. AN11395

GRYPHON Begonia Begonia hybrida

Large, silvery, spotted, hand-sized leaves introduce a tropical feeling into your garden. Gryphon begonia is an outstanding performer in pots, indoors or out. Plants are stunning when combined with coleus, or impatiens.

Gryphon begonia requires little maintenance. It will accept drier conditions than other begonias of this type. Grown as an annual, plants grow to 14-18 inches tall the first season. When overwintered indoors, plants can reach 4 feet tall or more. Grow in part sun to full shade.

10 multi-pelleted seeds - $5.49
Bright salmon-pink flowers of San Francisco Begonia. New for 2016AN16222

SAN FRANCISCO Begonia Begonia boliviensis

San Francisco begonia carries bright, salmon-pink, bell-shaped flowers. Petals are turned out at the tips. Growth is mounding and spreading to 12-16 inches high, and 16-20 inches across. A strong performer in containers, hanging baskets, or the landscape.

Widely adapted, San Francisco begonia can thrive in areas with difficult growing conditions; plants tolerate heat, drought, and rain. Along with Santa Cruz Sunset begonia, awarded "Best in Show" at the 2015 North Carolina University Field Trials.

10 pelleted seeds - $5.99
Bright Orange red flowers of Santa Cruz Sunset Begonia on weeping plants. AN13222

SANTA CRUZ SUNSET Begonia Begonia boliviensis

Santa Cruz Sunset begonia grows 12 to 16 inches high, 16 to 20 inches wide. Growth habit is mounding and trailing. Plants cover themselves in brilliant, 2-3 inch, orange-red, bell-shaped flowers. Petals are turned out at the tips.

Santa Cruz Sunset begonia is an ideal addition to landscapes, hanging baskets, or containers. Plants are long blooming and widely adapted. They can thrive in areas with challenging weather conditions. Heat, drought, and rain tolerance are excellent. Awarded "Best in Show" at the 2015 North Carolina University Field Trials.

10 pelleted seeds - $5.99

BADA BING Waxleaf Begonia Seeds Begonia semperflorens

Compact, 8-10 inch tall, green leaf plants flower about 1-2 weeks earlier than other leading waxleaf begonia varieties. Plants will continue to bloom until hard frost. Bada Bing begonias are easy to grow; they thrive in sun or light shade, are weather resistant, and tolerate a wide range of soil conditions (from dry to moist). Ideal begonias to mass, particularly in beds that have both sunny and shady areas. Will add elegance to container plantings.

Bada Bing Mix begonia in a mix of 6 colors. AN10064

BADA BING MIX Waxleaf Begonia

A formula mix of outstanding, green leaf begonias. Plants are covered in blooms of pink, rose, rose bicolor, scarlet, soft pink or white.

50 pelleted seeds - $2.49
Pastel pink flowers above green leaves. AN10065

BADA BING PINK Waxleaf Begonia

Green leaf plants covered in soft, clear pink flowers.

50 pelleted seeds - $2.49

BADA BOOM Waxleaf Begonia Seeds Begonia semperflorens

Compact, 8-10 inch tall, bronze leaf begonias flower 1-2 weeks earlier than other leading begonia varieties. Continue to bloom heavily until hard frost. Bada Boom begonias are easy to grow. Plants will thrive in both sun or light shade, in moist or dry soil. Bada Boom begonias are an ideal choice for mass planting, especially in beds that receive both hot sun and shade. Plants bring an elegant appearance to containers.

Bada Boom Mix Begonias, with pink, rose, red, and white flowers. AN10068

BADA BOOM MIX Waxleaf Begonia

A formula mix of bronze leaf plants. Flowers in shades of pink, rose, rose bicolor, scarlet, and white.

50 pelleted seeds - $2.49

BIG HYBRIDS Begonia Seeds Begonia x Benariensis

Huge, clusters of vivid, 2-3 inch flowers held above large, glossy foliage. Plants bloom all summer long. Big Hybrids begonias are striking, stately plants; growth is fast, upward, graceful, and arching. The earliest blooming, largest growing begonias in the world.

Big Hybrids begonias are equally comfortable when grown in sun or shade; look great massed in beds where impatiens, marigolds, or geraniums have been used in the past. They provide quick color in your sunny or shady, mixed borders. In containers, Big Hybrids begonias can be stunning. Plants grow to 20 inches tall in zones 7 and above. In Northern gardens, average height is 12-18 inches. A winner of Dallas Arboretum's "Flameproof" award for their excellent heat tolerance.

Enormous, large, vivid red blossoms, above bronze foliage. AN10072


Wow! Huge, fire-engine red flowers create a can't miss, bold look in your garden. Leaves are glossy and deep bronze.

10 pelleted seeds - $4.99
Big Red with Green Leaf Begonia AN10076


Huge, fiery crimson red, 2-3 inch blossoms held above glossy, green leaves. Big Red with Green Leaf begonia will bring out the feisty side of your garden. Plants grow beautifully with Diamond Blue ageratum and Kong coleus.

10 pelleted seeds - $4.99

GO GO HYBRID Tuberous Begonia Seeds Begonia tuberhybrida

The growth habit of Go Go Hybrid begonias is fast, tight, and compact. The large, semi-double flowers will brighten your partially sunny borders, beds, and containers. Mounding, 8-10 inch tall, dark green leaf plants bloom over a very long season.

Go Go Mix Begonia combining 7 showy shades. AN10092

GO GO MIX Tuberous Begonia

Flowers in shades of soft pink, bright cherry, orange, red, rose, salmon, white, and bright yellow. You can have it all.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
Go Go Orange Begonia covered in bright orange blooms. AN10096

GO GO ORANGE Tuberous Begonia

Dark leaves highlight the intense, orange flowers.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
Go Go Cherry Begonia. AN10084

GO GO CHERRY Tuberous Begonia

Cherry-red has never looked so good. Adds lively color to your featured beds or borders.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
A bright yellow flower of Go Go yellow begonia. AN10108

GO GO YELLOW Tuberous Begonia

Not so mellow, yellow flowers. This flashy color creates vivid contrast in your beds, borders, or containers.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99

ILLUMINATION Tuberous Begonia Seeds Begonia tuberhybrida

Illumination tuberous begonias cascade; the best begonia series to grow in hanging baskets. Plants are heat tolerant, and easy to grow. The showiest tuberous begonias we have seen! Flowers are large, semi-double, and fully double. Grow in filtered shade, with moist soil. Enjoy the show.

Illumination Apricot begonia in shades of peach and tropical orange. AN09058


Tasty flowers in pale peach to deep cantaloupe shades. Illumination Apricot Shades tuberous begonia is my favorite for sure. Don~

20 pelleted seeds - $3.49
Illumination Peaches 'n Cream Begonia AN10112


Blooms in voluptuous shades of soft yellow to salmon-peach.

20 pelleted seeds - $3.49
Illumination Golden Picotee Begonia AN11488


Flowers appear in designer shades of salmon, coral, gold, and orange. Plants are certain to dazzle.

20 pelleted seeds - $3.49

NON-STOP HYBRID Tuberous Begonia Seeds Begonia tuberhybrida

Jumbo, 4 inch, semi-double, and double flowers in just 4-5 months from seed. Non-Stop Hybrid begonias are easy to grow. The 10 inch tall plants will impress when grown in filtered shade and moist soil.

Non-stop Appleblossom flowers, white on top, with blush pink on bottom. AN05071


White flowers, with blush pink reverses. Non-Stop Appleblossom begonias introduce their unique brand of elegance to shaded flower beds and containers.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
Non-Stop Rose Petticoat Begonia AN05073


White flowers, with petals edged in deep rose.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
Ten colors of Non-Stop begonia blooms. AN00127

NON-STOP MIX Tuberous Begonia

Apricot, red, golden-orange, orange, yellow, pink, rose, salmon, white, and scarlet flowers. The top ten reasons for you to love Non-Stop begonias.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
Vivid yellow flowers of Nonstop yellow begonia. AN05074

NON-STOP YELLOW Tuberous Begonia

Eye-popping, yellow blossoms.

25 pelleted seeds - $2.99
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How to Plant Begonia Seeds

Sow begonia seeds in cell packs or flats, press into soil but do not cover. Light aids germination. Kept at 80°F., germination is in 14-60 days. Bottom-heat will improve results and is recommended. Transplant into the garden 10 to 17 inches apart.