Annual Chrysanthemum

Ismelia carinata syn. Chrysanthemum carinatum

How to plant Tricolor Chrysanthemum seeds 

Heavy flowering annuals produce loads of showy, daisy-like flowers which are long-lasting cut. The 2-3′ tall plants are remarkably easy to grow.

Chrysanthemum carinatum Sunset flowers AN12100

SUNSET Tricolor Chrysanthemum

Rich shades of red, orange, and apricot.

150 seeds - $2.99
Rainbow Mix tricolor Chrysanthemum blossoms AN00167

RAINBOW MIX Tricolor Chrysanthemum

Produces showy single, daisy-like flowers in purple, orange, scarlet, rose, salmon, yellow, and white shades.

⅛ Ounce - $2.49

How to Plant Tricolor Chrysanthemum Seeds

Direct sow into prepared seed beds. an area with weeds cleared and top one″ of soil loosened. Rake in seed. Walk over the bed to insure good seed to soil contact. Keep moist until germination. Indoors, seeds are propagated in 2″ containers.

Growing Tricolor Chrysanthemums: Full sun, any soil if drainage is good. Prefers regular moisture, will thrive with average water. Flowers are plentiful and long-lasting when cut. Spring sowing is most common, for flowers in summer and fall. In mild-winter areas, seeds can be planted in fall for winter and spring flowers.