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Dayflower, Blue Spiderwort

Commelina tuberosa

How to plant Commelina seeds 

Commelina carries distinctively cheerful, 3-petaled flowers with bright yellow stamens. Blooms are arranged in clusters at the end of stems. Flowers open in the morning, close in the afternoon. Plants are heavy blooming throughout the summer and fall.

Commelina is a versatile, easy to grow plant for dry or moist soil, sun or part shade. A great choice for the woodland garden, or for areas of your yard where little else will grow. Commelina plants form tubers. These tubers can be lifted and stored for the winter like dahlias.

Violet flowers of Ouverture Blue Commelina AN06041


The flowers of Ouverture Blue commelina are a soothing shade of clear, violet blue. Plants grow 18-30 inches tall. Fast to bloom, in just two months from seed.

40 seeds - $2.99
Ouverture Mix Commelina carries white, lilac, and violet purple. AN06042


Ouverture Mix commelina blooms in cool shades of blue, white, lilac and violet purple. Plants grow 18-30 inches tall. Flowers in just 2 months from seed.

40 seeds - $2.99
Brilliant blue flowers of Sleeping Beauty Commelina AN06035


Sleeping Beauty commelina produces stunning, true blue flowers. Plants grow 18-24 inches tall. Native to Mexico, introduced in 1732.

25 seeds - $2.99

How to Plant Commelina Seeds

Sow Commelina seeds in cell packs or flats, press into soil and barely cover. Kept at 65° F., germination is in 15-45 days. Transplant Commelina seedlings into the garden 12-18 inches apart, after all danger of frost.

Growing Commelina: Full or part sun. Adapted to wet or dry soils. Commelina plants are low maintenance, will thrive in practically any garden location.