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Sweet William

Dianthus x barbatus

How to plant Dianthus seeds 

Diabunda Mix Sweet William AN11231

DIABUNDA MIX Sweet William

Diabunda Mix is an exceptional Sweet William hybrid; it blooms the first year in bright shades of Red, Red Picotee, Pink Pearl, Rose, Purple, and Purple Picotee. Branching from an early age, it forms attractive 8-10 inch tall, 10-12 inch wide plants. All colors in this formulated mix are very uniform in plant size and bloom timing, putting on a dazzling show in beds, borders, or containers.

Unlike conventional Sweet William plants, Diabunda Mix is nearly day-length nuetral, meaning it is capable of blooming in spring, summer and fall. Furthermore, compared to other Sweet Williams, its flowers are larger, and are held at the top of plants where they can be more easily seen. Diabunda Mix does not require deadheading; new foliage and flowers quickly cover the old blooms. In all but the hottest climates, the first flush of flowers continues for about 5 weeks. Cut plants back, and within 2-3 weeks they will bloom for another 4-5 weeks. Winter hardy to zone 5, Diabunda Mix can be overwintered like pansies, producing extra early spring flowers.

20 seeds - $3.29

How to Plant Dianthus Seeds

Sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 65-70°F. germination averages 1-2 weeks. Transplant into the garden 12-18 inches apart.