Ragged Lady, Emir of Buchara

Nigella damascena, N. bucharica

How to plant Love-in-a-mist seeds

Love-in-a-Mist is a hardy annual with fine, threadlike leaves and charming 1.5″ flowers at the end of each branch. An excellent cut flower, it forms interesting horned seed capsules which are beautiful in dried arrangements. Prefers cool weather. Grows 1.5′ tall.

Persian Jewels Mix love in a mist blossoms. AN01965

PERSIAN JEWELS MIX Love-in-a-mistNigella damascena

Blue, white, rose, red and violet flowers. Packet is ⅛ ounce, about 1,250 seeds.

⅛ ounce - $1.99
Persian Jewels Indigo love in a mist Flower AN01966

PERSIAN JEWELS INDIGO Love-in-a-mistNigella damascena

Deep violet-blue blooms. Packet is ⅛ ounce, about 1,250 seeds.

⅛ ounce - $1.99
Blue Stars Nigella blooms AN01968

BLUE STARS Asian Love-in-a-mistNigella bucharica

'Blue Stars' Asian Love-in-a-mist grows just 12″ tall, creates masses of 1″ clear violet-blue star-shaped flowers atop feathery, bright green foliage late spring through mid-summer. Also known as Emir of Buchara, 'Blue Stars' makes a nice filler in garden beds, pots, cut flower arrangements; produces decorative seed pods. Packet is 1 gram, about 1,100 seeds.

1 gram - $2.49

How to Plant Love-in-a-mist Seeds

Direct sow into prepared seed beds that have been cleared of weeds and have had the top 1″ of soil loosened. Rake seed in lightly. Press into soil by walking over area. Keep moist.

Growing Love-in-a-mist: Full or part sun. Average to little water. Tolerates a wide variety of soils with good drainage. Comes into bloom quickly. Planting is done in spring, where winters are mild, can also be sown in the fall for early spring bloom. Make successive sowings 4 weeks apart (until plants begin to self-sow) to ensure a continuous supply. Flowers are excellent for cutting, horned seed capsules are highly decorative in dried arrangements. Deer resistant.