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Peony Poppy Seeds

& Pompom Poppy Seeds

Papaver paeoniflorum, P. laciniatum

Peony poppies are easy to grow flowers that cheer-up and add spark to even the most bland of gardens. They are planted in fall or early spring and produce huge double 4-5 inch deeply frilled flowers on sturdy, tall growing 2-3 foot plants.

Black Swan pompom poppy AN00387

BLACK SWAN Pompom Poppy Seeds

Black Swan’s elegantly ruffled 5 inch double and semi-double flowers are packed with finely frilled petals in a nearly black, glossy, deep, dark burgundy red shade. Grows 2 to 3 feet tall above nicely contrasting silvery grey foliage. Packet is 1 gram, about 2,400 seeds.

1 gram - $2.49
lilac pompom poppy AN00388

LILAC POMPOM Pompom Poppy Seeds

The unusually captivating smoky lavender color of Lilac Pompom Poppy is somehow both bold and delicate; the frilled double pompoms waving atop strong, 2 ½ to 3 ½ foot stems will have you cheering for the home team! Impressive in borders and mass plantings. Packet is 1 gram, about 2,400 seeds.

1 gram - $ 1.99
Giant Double Black peony poppy AN00362


Deep purple almost black flowers. Packet is ½ gram, about 1,200 seeds.

½ gram - $1.99
Peony Poppy, Giant Double Red AN06103

GIANT DOUBLE RED Peony Poppy Seeds

Lustrous, extra large double scarlet-red poppies. Packet is 1 gram, about 2,400 seeds.

1 gram - $1.99
Giant Double Mix peony poppy AN00365

GIANT DOUBLE MIX Peony Poppy Seeds

These huge peony poppies come in a wide range of attractive colors including shades of purple, pink, rose, red, and white. Packet is 1 gram, about 2,400 seeds.

1 gram - $1.99
Giant Double Cream peony poppy AN05113


The sturdy 2-3 foot plants produce huge double, 4-5 inch frilled flowers in an unusual and attractive creamy (not quite yellow) shade. Packet is 1,000 seeds.

1,000 seeds - $ 1.99

How to Plant POPPY Seeds

Sow seeds in peat pots or cell packs, press into soil but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 65°F., germination is in 14-21 days. Can direct sow, onto ground that has had the top one inch of soil loosened. Rake seed in, press into soil by walking over the area. Thin to 12 inches apart.