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Black-Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirtaRudbeckia

 How to plant Rudbeckia seeds 

8 Varieties of Rudbeckia Seed.

Orange fudge rudbeckia AN12012


This delectable Rudbeckia blooms in summer and fall, producing generous quantities of lip-smacking 4 inch chocolate-brown flowers with orange petal tips and dark brown center cones. Vigorous, 15 to 20 inch plants have sturdy, branching flower stems. Stunning both in the garden and in cut flower bouquets.

500 seeds - $1.99
Irish Eyes rudbeckia AN12011


Golden yellow flowers up to 5 inches across, with bright green cones, on heavy blooming, 2-3 foot tall plants. The flowers appear over a very long season, and are superb cut.

50 seeds - $1.99
Denver Daisy rudbeckia AN11750


A one-of-a-kind flower, selected in honor of the city of Denver's 150th anniversary. Extremely heat tolerant, weather resistant, 20-26 inch tall plants, produce masses of enormous, 6-8 inch golden flowers with rusty red rings, and central brown cones, from late spring until frost.

25 seeds - $1.99
Cherry Brandy rudbeckia AN09176


Gorgeous 3-4 inch soft cherry-red flowers, a completely new color for a rudbeckia. These rugged, heat tolerant, easy to grow plants reach 20-24 inches tall, and produce numerous long, strong blooming stems excellent for cutting. Stupendous massed in beds, blended into mixed borders, or used as an accent plant in patio containers.

25 seeds - $2.99
Prairie Sun rudbeckia AN05119


Giant 5 inch yellow blooms with primrose tips and green eyes put on a stunning display in the garden from early summer until frost. Both the plants and flowers show incredible heat tolerance, remaining fresh and healthy even when temperatures reach well over 100° F., yet Prairie Sun also thrives in cooler climates. One of our favorite flowers because it loves heat, is incredibly showy when massed, is an excellent cut flower, and butterflies love it. Grows to 3 feet tall. An All-America Selections Winner and a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.

25 seeds - $2.99
Maya rudbeckia AN14141


Golden yellow, fully double 4 inch chrysanthemum-like blooms from early summer until frost. They are excellent cut flowers. Plants are compact and dwarf, to 18 inches tall. Use in beds or pots. A Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner (Europe's top prize). Grows nicely with Dusty Miller.

25 seeds - $2.49
Autumn Colors rudbeckia seeds- Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN12009


5 inch flowers with bronze petals, red rings, and rusty-red cones. Vigorous growing to 20-24 inches tall. Excellent in containers, borders, or mass plantings.

25 seeds - $1.99
Sahara rudbeckia AN15054


Semi-double and double flowers in unique shades of rusty rose, soft pink-red, amber, and copper. Blooms in summer and fall. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Compact, heat tolerant plants grow to 20 inches tall.

25 seeds - $2.49
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How to Plant Rudbeckia Seeds

Sow seeds in cell packs or flats, press into soil, but do not cover. Kept at 70°F., germination is in 2-3 weeks. Can direct sow into prepared seed beds, after all danger of frost, in groups of 3-4 seeds, spaced 12-18 inches apart. Thin to the strongest plant.