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Salvia coccinea, S. patens, S. farinacea, S. splendens


Neat, heavy blooming, 20 inch tall plants produce spikes of brilliant red or pastel pink flowers, continuously from spring until fall. Both colors are hummingbird magnets. Flowers appear two weeks earlier, and hold better in wind and rain, than other salvias of this type. Flowering begins in as little as 50 days from seed. 'Summer Jewel' salvias produce highly uniform plants, which are excellent in containers, bedd, or mixed borders.

'Summer Jewel Pink' salvia seeds - Brilliant pastel pink flowers attract humingbirds. AN01702

Salvia Seeds

Nectar rich, pastel pink flowers are hummingbird magnets. A 2012 All-America Selections Winner.

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Summer Jewel Red salvia seeds - Twenty inch tall plants with brilliant red flowers from spring into fall Summer Jewel Red Salvia - Brilliant red flowers - Attracts hummingbirds. AN01701

Salvia Seeds

Brilliant red flowers nourish hummingbirds for many months. A 2011 All-America Selections Winner.

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Salvia patens

Produces brilliant gentian blue, hooded blooms over a long summer and fall season. Spreads slowly by tuberous roots. Perennial in zones 8 and above, can be grown as an annuals anywhere - and roots can be dug and stored over winter like dahlias. Easy to grow.

Salvia, Patio Deep Blue - Deep blue trumpet flowers all summer - Grows 1 foot tall. AN10602

Salvia Seeds

Compact, base branching, 1 foot tall plants flower within 12-14 weeks of sowing, produce deep blue flowers all summer and into fall. An outstanding performer, with uniformity comparable to the best cutting grown varieties.

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Blue Angel salvia seeds Brilliant gentian blue flowers in summer and fall. AN05120

BLUE ANGEL Salvia Seeds

Salvia patens

Produces brilliant gentian blue hooded blooms on 6-15 inch spikes over a long summer and fall season. Grows 24-36 inches tall.

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Salvia coccinea

Easy to grow bushy, 2-3 foot tall, heavy flowering plants produce brilliant trumpet flowers hummingbirds love! They flower from spring through fall and show remarkable heat tolerance.

'Hummingbird Snow Nymph' salvia seeds - Pristine white cover 2-3 foot tall plants. AN01293

SNOW NYMPH Salvia Seeds

Pure white flowers.

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'Hummingbird Coral Nymph' salvia seeds - Bicolor salmon and white flowers. AN00389

CORAL NYMPH Salvia Seeds

Salmon and white bicolor flowers.

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'Hummingbird Forest Fire' salvia seeds - Rich, brilliant red flowers carried on dark stems. AN09188

FOREST FIRE Salvia Seeds

Brilliant red flowers with dark sepals. 'Forest Fire' is an improved version of 'Lady in Red,' with darker stems and richer flower color.

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'Hummingbird Mix' salvia seeds - Flowers are brilliant mix of red, salmon, and white. AN00027


A brilliant blend of red, white, and salmon flowers.

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Salvia farinacea

These fast growing, 14-18 inch tall plants flower from late spring until frost. Butterflies love them! Plants thrive in both heat and humidity, tolerate drought, and are virtually pest free. Stunning when massed, excellent in containers, and will provide a wealth of cut flowers, fresh or dried.

'Fairy Queen' salvia seeds - Rich, dark blue and white flowers on ten inch spikes. AN01705

FAIRY QUEEN Salvia Seeds

Extraordinarily heavy flowering, neat, bushy plants produce extra long, 10 inch spikes of rich, dark blue and white bicolor flowers.

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'Evolution' Mealy-Cup sage salvia seeds - Rich, deep, violet-blue flowers. AN09126

EVOLUTION Salvia Seeds

'Evolution' produces loads of long, dense flower spikes of rich, deep violet-purple on compact, bushy, branching, heavy blooming plants. Many horticulturists consider this to be the best Mealy-Cup sage.

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'Strata' salvia seeds - Blue and white flowers carried on silver spikes. AN00395

STRATA Salvia Seeds

A unique bicolor, long silver spikes carry blue and white flowers.

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'Sizzler Mix' salvia seeds - Dazzling flowers all summer on 12-14 inch tall plants. AN09128

SIZZLER MIX Salvia Seeds

Salvia splendens

This 12-14 inch tall, early blooming, easy to grow salvia delivers a torrid mix of color all summer long. Great in containers, 'Sizzler Mix' is absolutely stunning massed in beds or borders.

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Honey Bee introduces the how to grow Salvia seeds section.

How to Plant SALVIA Seeds

Sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 75°F., germination is in 14-21 days. Transplant into the garden 12-18 inches apart.

Salvia patens illustration, circa 1841.