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Helianthus annuus

Sunflowers belong in every garden where kids are present. It is marvelous to witness the amazement and sense of accomplishment children feel when watching the sunflower seeds grow in to 5-10 foot tall traffic stopping giants. For best results sow in spring (after the last frost) where they are to grow and provide plenty of water. Bloom season is from mid summer into fall. Excellent cut flowers.


Sunflower Seeds

An exciting breakthrough : ProCut Red is the first single-flowered red sunflower. These pollen-less, burgundy-red beauties have even deeper red faces, on plants that reach 4 to 6 feet tall.

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American Giant Hybrid sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN01231

Sunflower Seeds

The tallest sunflower variety, American Giant can grow to up to 16 feet tall, with stronger stalks than other tall types, and enormous leaves. Plants are topped by 10 inch golden-yellow sunflowers. It makes an excellent background plant or tall screen. To produce the tallest plants and largest flowerheads, plant in fertile soil and provide plenty of sun and water.

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New For 2014

ORANGE RUFFLES Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers put on a fancy dress with this spectacular new pollen-free sunflower with an extra row of frilly, ruffled petals between its chocolaty brown center and brilliant orange main petals. The vigorous 4 to 6 foot plants branch freely to produce many flowers. Combine with The Joker and 'Greenburst' for a gorgeous mixture.

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APRICOT DAISY Sunflower Seeds

Multi-branched, 4 to 6 foot bushy plants produce a remarkable quantity of pollen-free, apricot-peach, daisy-like flowers with light orange centers. This standout sunflower is unusual in both color and form.

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THE JOKER Sunflower Seeds

Giant 6-8 inch extremely showy red and yellow bicolor semi-double to fully double blooms have fascinating curled petals around the disk. Well branched 6-7 foot plants. An excellent pollen-free cut flower. Combine with ProCut Bicolor to make truly memorable arrangements.

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Firecracker sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds Firecracker sunflower seeds 2 - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN06120

FIRECRACKER Sunflower Seeds

Compact, branching 24-36 inch tall plants produce masses of bright red and gold bicolor blooms. Excellent when used as a low hedge, or in borders or containers.

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ORANGE HOBBIT Sunflower Seeds

These bushy, dwarf plants grow 1 to 2 feet tall. They get started early loading themselves with pollen-free golden orange petaled flowers with deep brown faces. They lend themselves beautifully to container gardening, and also make a stunning knee-high border.

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LITTLE BECKA Sunflower Seeds

The same breeder that brought us the best selling 'Firecracker' sunflower, this is its kindred spirit, 'Little Becka.' A cut flower powerhouse, produces legions of early, large, fiery, copper-red, pollen-less sunflowers. Add a dark heart and yellow halo, and 'Little Becka' becomes bewitching. Mass in the garden for a lively knee-high sunflower spectacle, or use to add bold color to mixed borders. Combine with 'Firecracker' to turn the volume up louder still. Grows 2-3 feet tall, forms full, compact, branching plants.

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ProCut PEACH Sunflower Seeds

Large, 3-4 inch, single head flowers with peachy pastel petals and dark centers. In the morning and evening these flowers practically glow. Impressive in gardens, and because plants are day length neutral and flowers are pollenless, they make superb cut flowers. Grows 5-6 feet tall.

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ZOHAR Organic Sunflower Seeds

(OP) 40-50 days

An improved version of Jerusalum Gold, this pollen-less F1 hybrid, single-flowered sunflower produces 4-6 inch flowers with deep orange-yellow petals and dark brown centers on 3-4 foot stems. An ideal choice for long-lasting fresh bouquets.

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GOLDEN CHEER Sunflower Seeds

Delightful, double yellow, 4-5 inch, chrysanthemum-like flowers with light hearts. Plants produce a larger main head, and typically 3-4 side branches. Pinch when young for bushier, even heavier flowering plants, with smaller flowers. Flowers held on long, strong stems, and are long-lasting cut. Grows 5-6 feet tall. A small percentage of seed will produce single flowers, which is necessary for seed production.

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Sunflower Seeds

Large, single head, pollen-free sunflowers with dark centers and brilliant, uniquely colored petals. They are yellow at the tips, deepening to orange near the base. The orange and yellow hues combined on the same petal are an impressive sight, whether viewed in the garden, or seen in long-lasting cut flowers for your home. Grows 4-6 feet tall. 55-60 days.

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STELLA GOLD Sunflower Seeds

The pollen-less flowers have long, spider-like yellow petals and dark brown centers. They are held on single stems. Stella Gold is an entirely unique sunflower which lends a light, open texture to bouquets while providing classic sunflower color. Grows 4-6 feet tall.

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BUTTERCREAM Sunflower Seeds

Primrose-yellow petals surround handsome, dark brown disks. The 4-6 inch flowers are long lasting, pollen-free cut flowers, which blend extremely well into mixed bouquets. Plants grow 4.5-5 feet tall, producing long side shoots, which continue to bloom for weeks. Early to flower, with blooms appearing in as little as 50-60 days.

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CHOCOLATE Sunflower Seeds

Rich, brown 4-6 inch sunflowers with yellow, striped reverses. Excellent cut. Grows to 5 feet tall. 60 days to flower.

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Sunflower Seeds

Brilliant, golden-yellow, pollen-free blooms with yellow-green hearts. They are outstanding cut flowers. The single stem, day length neutral plants grow 5-6 feet tall. Matures in 50-60 days.

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DAFNA Sunflower Seeds

Professional cut flower growers love this new pollen-free sunflower, and we believe you will too. The 5-8 inch deep yellow-orange flowers with their handsome, dark hearts, make for gorgeous, long-lasting cut flowers. And, since their petals overlap there are no gaps in the blooms. Grows 5-5.5 feet tall. Flowers in 55-60 days.

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CHERRY ROSE Sunflower Seeds

Flowering in only 40 days, Cherry Rose is quite possibly the fastest blooming sunflower. The dazzling 3-4 inch pollen-free, cherry-red flowers are tipped in lemon-yellow, and feature a handsome, chocolate-brown cone. An excellent variety for cutting, the flowers keep coming over a long season, on branching, 4-5 foot tall plants.

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GIGANTEUS Sunflower Seeds

The sturdy 12-14 foot stalks (no staking) produce absolutely enormous flowers 1 foot or more across. Guaranteed to stop traffic, they can be planted below 2nd story windows for a close up show!

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KONG Sunflower Seeds

These 12-14 foot tall giants produce yellow flower heads on short side stems. Plants are well proportioned and not top heavy, and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on children.

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Mammoth Russian organic sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds

MAMMOTH RUSSIAN Organic Sunflower Seeds

Huge bright yellow 12-inch flowers and seed heads on heavy 10-foot stalks. A dramatic ornamental edible that is good for screening and/or edible seed production.

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MOULIN ROUGE Sunflower Seeds

The dark velvet burgundy 6-8 inch flowers shade to nearly black in the center. This is an exquisite, free branching and heavy blooming selection that we think you are going to love. An outstanding variety for cutting. Grows 5-7 feet tall.

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PEACH PASSION Sunflower Seeds

Produces masses of gorgeous soft apricot 3-4 inch flowers on bushy 4 foot tall plants. They make exceptional cut flowers.

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ProCut BICOLOR Sunflower Seeds

These large, stunning pollen-free flowers are mahogany and yellow with black centers. They are carried on long straight stems and are superb for cutting. Grows to 5 feet tall.

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GREENBURST Sunflower Seeds

Robust, 4 to 6 foot plants produce semi-double golden yellow flowers with pollen-free chartreuse-green centers on long stems, making them great for cutting. If planted densely, it will be single-flowered; with space it branches freely.

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SORAYA Sunflower Seeds

Bushy, sturdy, wind resistant plants produce amazing amounts of 4-6 inch, orange flowers with deep brown hearts. They appear on long, thick stems and are superb for cutting.

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MUNCHKIN Sunflower Seeds

Long-lasting, pollen-free, bright yellow flowers with strking green disks. The branching, 2 foot plants, produce attractive, dark green leaves. Munchkin is an outstanding container plant, and also makes beautiful, dwarf hedges.

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SOLARA Sunflower Seeds

The upward facing flowers with golden yellow petals and huge dark hearts reach 6 inches across and are among the longest-lasting cut sunflowers available. Solara grows to 6 feet tall and is pollen-free.

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SUNGOLD Sunflower Seeds

Absolutely beautiful, extremely large double golden-yellow chrysanthemum-like flowers on sturdy 5 foot plants. A superb cut flower.

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Sunny Smile sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN09073

SUNNY SMILE Sunflower Seeds

Giant 5 inch flowers top dwarf plants which can be grown in 4-6 inch pots. In small pots 'Sunny Smile' puts all its energy into producing a single jumbo flower. Planted in large containers or in the ground, 'Sunny Smile' has room to branch and produces 4 or 5, gorgeous golden yellow flowers. Grows 12-15 inches tall, is day length neutral, pollen-free, and flowers in 55 days.

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Sunrich Orange Summer sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN09074


Essentially an improved Sunrich Orange, blooming 5-10 days earlier and growing about 6 inches shorter. Day-length neutral 4.5 foot plants sport 5-6 inch blooms which are superb for cut-flower production. 50-60 days to maturity.

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GOLD RUSH Sunflower Seeds

Branching, 4 to 6 foot tall plants, freely produce 4 to 5 inch pollen-free orange flowers with chocolate colored centers. They make long-lasting cut flowers.

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Sunflower Seeds

Helianthus debilis ssp. Cucumerifolius

Multi-branched, 5 to 6 foot plants produce a huge quantity of 2 to 3 inch flowers in a pleasing array of yellow shades throughout the warm season. Their leaves resemble cucumber leaves, and they are among the best varieties to grow if you want to attract songbirds to your garden.

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RAINBOW MIX Sunflower Seeds

A superb blend of pollen-free sunflowers, ranging in size from 3 to 6 feet, from single-flowered to multi-branching, from early to late bloom times, and flowers with a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes. The best collection for the undecided gardener, providing a bounty of flowers for the garden and the vase!

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Velvet Queen sunflower seeds - Garden Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds AN00512

VELVET QUEEN Sunflower Seeds

Magnificent flowers with velvety crimson petals and black hearts. The well-branched plants grow to 5-feet tall. Highly recommended.

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AUTUMN BEAUTY Sunflower Seeds

An exquisite mix of autumn colors including, gold, yellow, rusty red, burgundy and bicolors. Classic sunflower form on 6-7 foot plants.

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Honey Bee introduces the How to Plant Sunflower Seeds section.

How to plant SUNFLOWER seeds

Tall varieties: Direct sow into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost 6 inches apart, 1/2 inch deep, thin to 1-1.5 feet apart. Can start indoors in 2 inch pots or cell packs, if planted out well before seedlings become root bound. Dwarf varieties are direct sown 3 inches apart and thinned to 6-9 inches apart, are easy to start indoors.
Comments: Full sun. Soil which is moderately fertile and kept moist will produce the best flower heads. Attracts bees, birds and butterflies.

Helianthus annuus illustration circa 18th century.