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Rose Angel, Rose of Heaven

Viscaria oculataViscaria

 How to plant Viscaria seeds 

Fast growing summer annual with lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and showy, 5-petaled flowers. Plants produce flowers over a long season and they are excellent for cutting. In most areas seed is sown in spring; in mild winter areas sow seeds in fall for winter-spring bloom. Grows to 2 feet tall.

Viscaria, Oculata Mix AN54574


Flowers in shades of pink, blue, lavender and white. Most have a contrasting lighter or darker eye. Packet is 3 grams, about 9,000 seeds.

3 Grams - $1.99
Viscaria, Blue Angel AN70941


Flowers in a gorgeous, shimmering shade of blue. Packet is 1.5 grams, about 4,500 seeds.

1.5 Grams - $1.99

How to Plant Viscaria Seeds

Direct sow into prepared seed beds that have been cleared of weeds and have had the top 1 inch of soil loosened. Rake seed in lightly. Press into soil by walking over area. Keep moist. Can be started indoors in 2 inch pots.

Growing viscaria: Prefers full sun in areas with mild summers and part shade in areas with hot summers. Average to rich, well-drained soil, regular water. A hardy annual which can be started in early spring everywhere and in the fall or spring in mild winter climates. Flowers are excellent for cutting. We consider Viscaria to be one of the most beautiful of all annual flowers.