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Borago officinalis

 How to plant Borage seeds 

Borage HR00029


Borage is a 1-3 foot tall annual that produces large, bristly, gray-green leaves and beautiful, powder blue, starlike flowers.

When young, the cucumber flavored leaves may be added to salads. The flowers (which are excellent for cutting) are a favorite of honeybees and used as garnishes (in cold drinks like ice tea and lemonade) or added to salads.

Borage long been used for calming properties and is commonly known as the "Herb of Gladness." Packet is 2 grams, about 90-100 seeds.

2 grams seeds - $1.99
White borage HR00703


This rare form features beautiful white flowers slightly later in the season than common borage, is in all ways similar in size and use. Packet is 2 grams, about 90-100 seeds.

2 grams - $2.49

How to Plant Borage Seeds

Can be started indoors, following these guidelines. Seedlings are not tolerant of being pricked individually out of flats, they start nicely in cell packs (the 6-pack containers garden centers frequently use) or in 2 inch containers. Do not to allow seedlings to become root-bound. Kept at 70° F., germination is in 5-15 days. Or, direct sow ¼ inch deep and 6 inches apart. Thin to 12-24 inches apart.

Growing borage: Full or part sun. Borage tolerates drought and poor soil. Plants are rabbit and deer resistant.