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Burdock Seeds

Arctium lappa

 How to plant Burdock seeds 

Chiko burdock HR00031

CHIKO Burdock

Chiko Burdock is a root crop grown like carrots. Roots reach 1-2 feet long and can be harvested in any season except summer. The roots of Chiko Burdock have a pleasant, mild, bittersweet flavor. Burdock root is extremely nutritious and scientific research has shown burdock to have powerful anti-tumor properties. Plants are biennial.

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How to Plant Burdock Seeds

Sow seed into prepared seed beds 2 inches apart, ¾-1 inch deep in rows 24 inches apart. Kept at 68°F., germination is in 14-21 days. Thin to 4 inches apart.

Growing burdock: Culture is similar to carrots - Burdock requires deep loose, fine soil to perform its best. Harvest from fall through early spring.