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Sanguisorba minor

 How to plant Salad Burnet seeds 

Salad Burnet seeds HR00033


Salad Burnet provides a nutty, cucumber flavor to salads, vinegars, cream cheese and tomato juice. Leaves are deeply toothed; crimson flowers are thimble-shaped. Plants grow to 1 foot tall. In China Salad Burnet is known as "Di-yu", is used in dressing wounds. A winter hardy perennial to zone 4. Easy from seed. Packet is 1 gram, about 80-100 seeds.

1 gram seeds - $2.49

How to Plant Salad Burnet Seeds

Sow in cell packs or flats, press seed into the soil and barely cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 60°F., germination is in 14-21 days. Transplant into the garden after all danger of frost. Or, direct sow into prepared seed beds, one seed per inch. Thin to 12-18 inches apart.