Levisticum officinale

How to plant Lovage seeds

Lovage leaves. HR00071


Lovage is a hardy, dramatic, large perennial herb which can grow up to 6-feet tall. Appearance and flavor are similar to celery. Lovage is excellent fresh added to vegetable and meat dishes as well as soups and stews. It can also be dried and frozen for later use. Prefers part to light shade in warm climates and regular moisture. Winter Hardy to zone 3. Packet is ½ gram, about 150 seeds.

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How to Plant Lovage Seeds

Sow seed ¼ inch deep in flats or cell packs, 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost. Kept at 65-70°F., germination is in 10-14 days. Transplant into the garden, 2-3 feet part. May be direct sown in early fall or spring into prepared seed beds in groups of 3-4 seeds, 2-3 feet apart. Thin to the strongest plant.