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Hypericum perforatum

 How to plant St. John's Wort seeds 

Topas St. John's Wort yellow flowers with prominent stamens. HR00052

TOPASSt. John's Wort

Topas is an improved variety with higher (.5%) levels of the active ingredient hypericin, used to treat insomnia and depression. Small, shrubby plants grow to 2-feet tall with bright yellow summer flowers.

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How to Plant St. John's Wort Seeds

Sow thinly in cell packs or flats, using a packaged sterile seed starting mix. Barely cover and press firm. Kept at 60° F., germination averages 10-20 days. Transplant into the garden 24 inches apart in full to part sun. Will tolerate drought once established, but looks better with occasional to regular summer water.