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Cape Figwort

Phygelius capensis, P. aequalis

 How to plant Cape Fuchsia seeds 

Cape Fuchsia PR06208

CAPE FUCHSIA Seeds Phygelius capensis

Four to six foot tall shrubby plants, showy scarlet tubular flowers with yellow throats from June until frost. A gorgeous, tough perennial. Winter hardy to zone 7, or to zone 6 with protection.

50 seeds - $2.99
Yellow Trumpet cape fuchsia PR06209

YELLOW TRUMPET Cape Fuchsia seeds Phygelius aequalis

Vigorous, heavy blooming 2-3 foot tall shrubby perennial freely produces creamy yellow, tubular penstemon-like flowers from June until frost. 'Yellow Trumpet' Cape Fuchsia fits equally well into mixed borders or containers. Winter hardy to zone 7, can be grown as an annual in colder climates when started early.

250 seeds - $2.99

How to Plant Cape Fuchsia Seeds

Sow cape fuchsia seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and barely cover. Kept at 70-75° F., germination is in 10-28 days. Transplant into the garden 24-36 inches apart.

Evergreen in mild climates. Mulch roots in cold-winter areas. Give afternoon shade in hot climates, full sun or part shade elsewhere.