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Rehmannia elata 'Rufus'

How to plant Chinese Foxglove seeds

'Rufus' Chinese Foxglove PR00754


Chinese foxglove is easy to grow in sun or shade. Large, bright, scarlet-rose, 3 inch tubular flowers with yellow red-dotted throats appear continuously from May to November.

When blooms are cut, they are handsome and long-lasting in the vase. Chinese foxglove flowers strong the first year, and can be grown as an annual everywhere. Often self-sows. Winter hardy to zone 7, or zone 6 with protection.

50 seeds - $1.99

How to Plant Chinese Foxglove Seeds

Sow Chinese Foxglove seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and barely cover. Kept at 60-65°F., germination is in 15-30 days. Transplant into the garden 12-18 inches apart after all danger of frost. See Starting Seeds for more information.