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Heuchera americana, H. x micrantha, H. sanguinea

Marvelous Marble coral bells seeds. Leaves begin purple, turn green oeverlaid silver with reddish-purple veins. Perennial. PR11280


Heuchera americana

Leaves emerge purple in spring, transition into bright green overlaid in silver, veined reddish-purple. Color and pattern rival vegetatively produced varieties. Creamy-white flowers on short stems appear early. Growth is vigorous and mounding to 1 foot tall, 1.5 feet wide. Winter hardy to zone 4.
Grows nicely with 'Madonna' Anemone'Showstar' Astible, and  'Red Beauty' Bergenia.

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Newest Hybrids coral bells seeds. Fantastic mix of leaf and flower colors. Marbled, veined green and bronze leaves on 20 inch tall plants. Coral Bells, Newest Hybrids seeds. White, pink, cream or red flowers. Leaves veined and marbled. Perennial. PR00822

NEWEST HYBRIDS Coral Bells Seeds

Heuchera americana x micrantha

An incredible mix of flower and foliage colors. Blooms are white, cream, pink or red and foliage can be green, bronze, marbled silver or veined red. Grows to 20 inches tall. Winter hardy to zone 3.

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Palace Purple coral bells seeds - Garden Seeds - Perennial Seeds PR05028

PALACE PURPLE Coral Bells Seeds

Heuchera x micrantha

Striking mahogany to maroon, ivy-shaped foliage supports 6 inch sprays of pure white bell-shaped flowers June to August. Best leaf color in spring and fall. Grows 18-24 inches tall. Winter hardy to zone 4. Grows nicely with 'Red Beauty' Bergenia'Blue Carpet' Catmint'Thiller' Lady's Mantle, and  Primula x pubescens.

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'Firefly' Coral Bells seeds. Brilliant, deep scarlet flowers attract hummingbirds. Deer resistant perennial ground cover or border plant. PR00820

FIREFLY Coral Bells Seeds

Heuchera sanguinea splendens

This superb selection produces loads of brilliant dark scarlet bell-shaped flowers on 14-24 inch stems from May to July. Hummingbirds love them and they are long lasting cut flowers. Great for edging the front of borders or use as a small scale ground cover. Prefers full sun in the North and part Shade in the South. Winter hardy to zone 3.

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How to Plant CORAL BELLS Seeds

Sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 65-70° F., germination is in 21-30 days. Transplant into the garden 12 inches apart.
Comments: Full sun in mild summer areas, prefers afternoon shade in warm climates. Likes rich soil with good drainage, and moderate to regular water. The tubular flowers are excellent for cutting, hummingbirds love them. Plants are evergreen, deer resistant and low maintenance. Divide every 3 to 4 years.

Heuchera americana plants