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Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura The Bride flowers. Easy to grow 4 foot tall plants produce branching spikes of 1 inch white flowers in summer and fall. PR00868

THE BRIDE Gaura Seeds

'The Bride' Guara is a tough, easy to grow 4 foot tall perennial which freely produces long, thin branching spikes of 1 inch white flowers, tinged pink. 'The Bride' Gaura plants flower nonstop from June until frost. They are easy to grow, and widely adapted. Winter hardy to zone 5.

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Sparkle White dwarf gaura plant flowering. - All America Selections Winner for 2014. PR02868


Winner of both the Fleuroselect Gold Medal and the AAS 2014 Bedding Plant Award, this highly praised new Gaura's delicate, airy charm will surely add a bright twinkle to your garden beds, borders and containers from late spring until frost. Quick to flower in the first year, 'Sparkle White' is a perennial hardy to zone 6, is ideal for use as a warm season annual in any zone.
Count on masses of exceptionally well-branched, uniform flower stems covered in 1 ½ inch pink-kissed, star-shaped white flowers on compact, rounded, 24 to 30 inch plants that spread up to 30 inches wide. Like other Gauras, 'Sparkle White' thrives in hot, sunny conditions and requires very little maintenance.

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How to Plant GAURA Seeds

Sow Gaura seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil, do not cover. Kept at 70° F., germination is in 21 to 35 days. Direct sow in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 24 inches apart. Thin to the strongest plant. See Starting Your Seeds for more information.
Comments: Full sun. Gaura plants love hot weather, tolerate drought; look better with some summer water. Flowers age to light rose, fall-off cleanly. Gauras are long-lived, do not need division. Gaura flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Gaura plants are rabbit and deer resistant.

Gaura lindheimeri flower spike.