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Lunaria annua

 How to plant Money Plant seeds 

Money Plant seed pods and purple blooms. PR00968


Money Plant grows 2-3 feet tall with heart-shaped leaves and wonderfully fragrant, ½ inch, purple or white spring flowers. Money Plants look terrific among late flowering daffodils. The flowers are followed by brown seed pods.

The ripened pods release their outer cover along with the seeds, revealing translucent, silver dollar-like circles. Money Plant blooms are excellent cut flowers, and seed pods are outstanding in dried arrangements. Biennial; Money Plant self-sows and returns year after year. Winter hardy to zone 5.

150 seeds - $1.99

How to Plant Money Plant Seeds

Direct sow Money Plant into the garden after all danger of frost in groups of 3-4 seeds spaced 12-18 inches apart. Germination occurs over a period 14-28 days. Thin to the strongest plant. Can be started early indoors in 2 inch pots.

Growing Money Plant: Grow plants in full sun, part sun, or light shade. Prefers moist soil, will tolerate dry soil in shady gardens. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Flowers and seed pods are excellent for cutting. Money Plants are rabbit and deer resistant.