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Papaver nudicaule

 How to plant Iceland Poppy seeds 

These large, silky, showy poppies are superb for cutting. Sear the cut end with a flame before placing in water. When to plant: In warm climates plant Iceland poppies in the fall for bloom the following spring. When the summer heat arrives they will die-out. In cooler climates they can be sown in spring and will bloom the first year - and will live for a couple of seasons flowering in spring and early summer. Winter hardy to zone 2.

Meadow Pastels iceland poppy PR00993

MEADOW PASTELS Iceland Poppy Seeds

Free blooming mix in shades of pink, yellow, orange, rose, white, cream and stunning bicolors.

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Iceland poppies grow beautifully with:

Globe thistle round flowerheads an intense shade of blue.

How to Plant Iceland Poppy Seeds

Sow seeds in 2 inch pots or cell packs, press into soil but do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Kept at 65° F., germination is in 10-20 days. Transplant into the garden 8-12 inches apart.